The Human Rights Organisation Community on Line that was

There follows, below, information relevant to my concept as of 1997, how it materialised in 1999 and what followed. It was essential that I clarified the states I related to a Skype contact recently >refer to the date of publication of this article, reader< because he was on the wrong track, in his understanding of what I had qualified earlier.

Below, copy of the clarification, the contact received >with additional material after publication, on 10th January 2012, please note. The Community on Line realities (email subject). Email content follows >”There seems to be some confusion here, friend. I CLARIFY:-

As owner of the domain ** I set out to create a Community On Line with a Common Cause, to >Expose and Challenge the Abusers Of Public Office< and in particular the abused courts facilities, through which the imposition of rampant fraud ON and the corruption OF society<.

Such matters ARE QUALIFIED in the introduction to the “Extensions To Past Submissions…..” at:-

An agreement to provide the servers space for free website facilities, was entered BETWEEN the providers of the servers facility and the web-space memory on the one part and ME on the other part as the owner of the domain name and in particular THE CONCEPT, ‘the Community on Line’ >years ahead of the social circles facilities such as the Facebook ‘phenomenon’ >WITHOUT A PURPOSE OR SPECIFIC AIMS< for ‘the social group’.

READ the Community on Line statement *OUR AIMS* at:-


CONSIDER such evidence, as was and is attached to >MY CONCEPT<.

It relates to more than a simple straight forward statement of intent.

It relates to my Intellectual Property, friend. The agreement, naturally, was to generate income for the providers of the web-spaces used for each sub-domain, >THROUGH ADVERTISEMENTS< such as you CANNOT MISS at Facebook etc., friend.

My concept and the agreement, with the USA Corporation was >FIRST & FOREMOST for the latter, the USA Corporation, to provide the free web-spaces and facilities for uploading audio and images as part of the evidence required by me as part of the case each member was to make against the abusers of public office and public facilities.

The agreement included ‘the implied term and condition of >NO interference< on any (alleged) legal grounds WITHOUT REFERRING FIRST TO ME any complaints or threats from any quarters. In other words, NO CRAP TO BE ENTERTAINED, such as threats directed to the providers and OWNERS of the memory used, the server facilities, the blank memory space.

Naturally, the owners of the servers DID READ the objective »>’OUR AIMS’«< and so did everyone who joined the Community on Line, before the concept was hijacked by the fraudsters in control of the servers, the management team of the providers of the facilities subject to the agreement the USA Corporation’s controllers entered into with me, friends.

The Community on Line TOOK OFF and the craft-y managers of the servers with the owners of the servers, naturally, created what they named (at the time) ‘The Community Architect’ facilities, as part of the services provided, by them.

It was not long, however, before I was no longer receiving any email announcements, such as one receives from LinkedIn or one benefits from Facebook when someone asks to connect as a friend. For the Human-Rights CoL (abbreviation for Community on Line, note) I was receiving information the moment ‘a new member’ joined the Community, as part of the first port of call, so as for me, the ME, friend, NOT the fraudsters who set out to re-arrange my concept and be the only persons being notified as to which parties and how many NEW persons JOINED THE Community on Line.

Thus and thereby I was obstructed from knowing who and how many joined the CoL. [Do note, I repeat, that >CoL< stands for Community on Line]. WORSE, I WAS NO LONGER IN A POSITION TO READ what was uploaded by the members and thereat ensure that it was within the law >NO UNSUBSTANTIATED or improperly / inadequately presented and STATED FACTS. No emails were received by me and it was obvious that everything was directed >RE-ROUTED to another who was ‘acting as the purported webmaster’ of / FOR the Community on Line; NOT ME, THE CREATOR & OWNER, the actual >THUS & THEREBY all existing and new members no longer got to know of me and my ongoing work; also WHY the Community on Line was created : WHY & WHAT FOR, in the first instance.

Hundreds, thousands the individual sub-domains, intended by me for each member to state facts, to publish evidence and thereby CHALLENGE & EXPOSE IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN ABUSERS OF PUBLIC OFFICE, no longer as I PLANNED and arranged >for interconnected : linked human-rights Community web-sites<, and thus >>the agreement was breached, by the USA Corporation<<, friend.

IF YOU CANNOT understand why the interception / the misdirection of the emails INTENDED for the OWNER OF THE CONCEPT >to the actual webmaster for and of THE DOMAIN, not for someone who was acting for and on behalf of the providers of the memory >the space / the blank pieces of paper, so to speak, where the new members, the owners of and contributors to ‘OUR AIMS’ (the Community’s Aims) STATEMENTS OF FACTS & EVIDENCE, which each member was to publish and should be publishing at and for each sub-domain, as each member was creating and publishing / meant to publish >AS OUR AIMS STIPULATED AND MADE VERY CLEAR<.

You need proper education on the legal complexities and understanding of the elements that constitute BREACHES OF CONTRACT, BREACHES OF TRUST, DECEPTION, OBSTRUCTION TO ONE’S RIGHTS, under the contract / the agreement, in International Law; not in accordance with some half-baked potato assertions and promotions concocted as intended in order to serve, the charlatans who create whatever suits them and the abusers of the trust of ‘the sheeple who are misled and lied to by abusers of public office:-

Link from here to an explicit appeal at

Read it and recognize the reckless criminal intentions of one and all at the specific County Court, in London, the United Kingdom, including the alleged representatives of ‘the sheeple’, as the case was and to these days such creations stand in all PSEUDO-democracies.

Friend, I HAD TAKEN PRECAUTIONS by registering my property >THE DOMAIN ‘'< for TEN YEARS, as the legal / legitimate owner of the domain name, as registered, >because the domain name itself constituted and constitutes property<.

So, I let the fraudsters carry on as they engaged and indulged in; to RUN THEIR OWN COURSE and objectives while I lay by the wayside collecting and collating >the essential evidence<, friends. Thereafter, I simply concentrated on use of the other domain I registered **.

In the meantime I recognised that some of the fraudsters club recruits from within the UK joined the Community on Line, in order to draw and suck new victims of the public facilities, the courts in particular IN ORDER TO USE THE NEW VICTIMS for the end product; >for the REWARDS under the table facilities<. Everything as organised by the fraudsters who created and are in control of all PSEUDO-democracies.

I offered to a couple of the recognized, by me, dreamers, to enter into an agreement with me, whereby either could be allowed to claim to be the instigator of the Human-Rights Community on Line, concept.

BOTH FAILED TO ENTER into the offered agreement.

No prizes for guessing why!!!!!!

Both carried on for years to relish in their conscious and very fraudulent parts directed at ‘the sheeple‘ and as intended by THE COMMITTED OPERATIVES OF the CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD on the taxpayers, Mr & Mrs Average >INCLUDING FRAUD ON MEMBERS OF THEIR FAMILIES, CHUM<.

I just let things develop as the fraudsters engaged in, WHILE I SET ABOUT PREPARING to pull the carpet from under their feet.

When ready, I simply directed the operators of the international traffic for INTERNET CONNECTIONS to route all traffic intended for the registered domain TO WHERE I simply MOVED only my material, my work for the domain. In the meantime many the offers and the invitations to and for me to SELL MY PROPERTY >the domain name human dash rights dot org<

There, in due course, I will publish the evidence and some of the sub-domains that benefited from MY WORK & LEGAL / INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES, such as the whole of the work FOR and AT the website >INCLUDING THE SUBMISSIONS to the European Court of Human Rights >for one of the abusers of my time<; the person benefited from my generosity, and use of my properties i.e the domain name and the legal work, the submissions to the ECoHR, friends. The intellectual property was published >by me< at the sub-domain which the wily woman, the beneficiary of it all, after about four years instructed the Community Architect staff to delete the sub-domain she signed up for; the removal / deletion, without any reference to me, to the owner of the intellectual property, while the offenders simply cast the principles covered by ‘OUR AIMS’ in the trash cans where with all other alleged victim-challengers they discarded all principles of ethics and morals they might have been ‘gifted with’, at some time in the past’, especially when chasing their rights in the courts!!!

The sub-domain, I refer to:-

Not on line! Not available, since and after the Community Architect staff complied with and acted as the person who simply signed up for the sub-domain, and instructed the offenders to delete, remove the recorded realities as pleaded and submitted to the ECoHR >as published the public domain, part of the Community on Line concept.

Such activities and interference >DESPITE THE FACT that the material, at the web-site was MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, notwithstanding, also, the fact that such a statement was published >at the sub-domain<, by me!!! HOWEVER, the most offensive part of the action the alleged victim-challenger who relied on my work, as a sold to the system as is >and as a convert<, VIOLATED & CONSCIOUSLY INTERFERED WITH MY DUTY >ALL LAW ABIDING CITIZENS< SHOULD BE REPORTING ONGOING CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES!!!

I will be re-publishing the lot, in due course, under the same access domain name as owner of the domain name, which the wily and crafty woman used and benefited from. FROM BOTH MY LEGAL INPUT and my INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES, as author of the material published at the web-site, as the creator of the specific web-site, where I had used the evidence which the convert-victim had made available to me!!!

Consider, therefore, the aforesaid and recognise why I will be pointing out to the whole of the arranged re-organisation of MY LIFE (>including my family life, do note<) NOT JUST MY CONCEPT & WORK FOR HUMAN RIGHTS. I refer, naturally, to the rights the sheeple should be benefiting from, as ‘the birth rights for each and every true human who should carry on benefiting from ‘WITHOUT ANY DISCRIMINATION & OR PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT* [*Link from here to a specific article,  in due course, readers / friends].

By The Way (BTW), the two fraudsters, who joined the Community on Line and ignored the offer, joined ONLY FOR THEIR PLANS and intention, to simply ‘use the system as is‘ for* more FRAUD on the taxpayers; the fraud organised through the abused courts facilities >ALL THE WAY TO THE EUROPEAN COURT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS<.

Both declined, >I REPEAT< the offer to enter into an agreement with me and thereby benefit from the rights to the concept as owners. As owners, naturally, SUBJECT TO THE TWO or either one, adhering to *OUR AIMS*, as published at the website. Visitors / readers, should access the list of pages where the activities and the reckless failures of many who joined the Human-Rights dot Org Community on Line, also other alleged victim-challengers who were noted to be acting in breach of their alleged commitment TO EXPOSE & CHALLENGE OPENLY, the abusers of the courts facilities, also all other alleged servants of the public in all >>allegedly civilised<< PSEUDO-democracies.

When at the list of pages, the table at the bottom of all web-pages at the human-rights website, access please the web-page .org/theproof.htm and read the introduction to a number of recognised fraudsters club recruits. I refer to persons whose only interests happened to have been >and remained for years now< SIMPLY TO TARGET & USE NEW VICTIMS of the abused legal system and the courts facilities. In other words >TO USE NEW VICTIMS FOR THE CASH REWARDS SUBJECT TO THE STIPULATION-TEMPTATION AS ORGANISED & ARRANGED BY THE CRIMINALS WHO CREATED & PROMOTE-IMPOSE IT ALL, as covered in the specific web-page / chapter of my research work and studies.

One and all aiming to assist ‘new victims’, >as alleged legal gurus< aiming to help take each new victim’s case to the European Court of European Human Rights, as organised and arranged by the criminals who created the FACILITIES FOR FRAUD APLENTY ON THE TAXPAYERS & THE CORRUPTION OF MORONS< such as the challenged defaulters and the recklessly maligned dreamers who interfered in the development of the CoL, as one was reported to have done by another, who subsequently KEPT QUIET >as a typical fraudsters-club-recruit and beneficiary. Note that the parts of both and email exchanges, with both, were and remain published in specific pages, listed and pointed to below.

One and all simply acting and operating as the recognised *fraudsters-club-recruits* exposed in the public domain established, hence exposed at:-

We shall point to some of the explicit realities published in the pages at >< as part of the enlightenment FOR THE SUCKER-SERFS, >FOR THE TAXPAYERS TO RECOGNISE<, among other issues, why the two FRAUDSTERS declined the offer-invitation without realising the TEST the two were put to, by me, as recognised lovers of the cash under the table arrangements and as fraudsters and alleged challengers of the abused courts facilities.


Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS.

Contributing articles at as Diogenis searching for ‘humans’ >THINKERS< 2400 years on.

/communication – clarification ends+++++++

From thought for the day at Facebook on 15th March 2012:-

Access the image of the letter to the Prime Minister on 8th December 1999 which I posted ‘ transmitted to the media with no interest from the editors or any Intellectual Prostitute!!!

Image of the letter to the Prime Minister can be accessed at:-

Copy-paste the above URL and access the image and the content of the letter to the Prime Minister. AT THE VERY LEAST, the content should be of interest to genuine victim-challengers. Note, however, that all who were wasting my time >for years< while CHASING ONLY THE REWARDS I HAVE BEEN WRITING OF & ABOUT FOR OVER 20 YEARS, now, similarly ignored the issues I covered in the short letter.

When the aforesaid is considered with my thoughts for the day re: The Documentary about Human Rights, last night screened by the BBC and the REAL mentality of the reporter, Andrew Neal, who presented THE FALSE FRONT PUKE PRODUCTION for the sucker-serfs to swallow, YOU SHOULD PERHAPS >ask< ‘why I was disgusted and sick enough, motivated to write of my thoughts today on my Facebook portal as I did.

ADDED on 5th November 2012 an email to the fraud of ‘an alleged human’, one Paul Ronalds, of Cardiff; one of the many abusers of trust who indulged in arrogant evil assertions; one who scrammed / disappeared to destinations unknown, according to his many affiliates and associates. >one of the many lover-products of the society that creates, rears and bolsters such persons as accomplished fraudsters<.


Sent 20 October 2012 04:23

To: ‘paul ronalds’ cc ; ‘Barry Condell’

Subject: The realities and YOUR PARTS as a product of the mother of PSEUDO-democracy I set out to expose over FOUR DECADES AGO.

Paul, below I copy-paste, rather than forward on to you an email I received today; one of many that relate to ME & TO MY WORK >for Mr & Mrs Average, the taxpayers<.

I look forward to receiving from you ANY PROOF that you ever bothered about any other, bearing in mind your unwillingness and failures to arrange for a meeting / gathering of as many of the other tenants / occupiers and specifically any leaseholders who were sharing the same experiences at the building block for which Barry and I created / shot the specific video about.

As you know I do refer to the  states of disrepair you were using for your campaign (>as IF you were the only one…. The only one…. The only one<). Barry and I did our best for you and FOR YOUR PLANS alone (>as it transpired later<) as if the other occupiers merited no consideration, by the two of us, as YOU determined!!! (>As a typical egocentric evil fraudster, I add<).

At this point in time and juncture, I look forward to your explanations and your justifications, bearing in mind your reckless performance and conduct as an alleged victim-challenger of the wrongs you allegedly desired to challenge >>>and EXPOSE, such, allegedly<<<. Yet, as soon as you benefited from such, after you caused Barry to publish at Crooked-Lawyers Dot Net the video and some of the documents you provided / forwarded to him, you set off to accuse ME as if I was solely responsible (WHY?) for the very activity YOU SET OFF TO USE & BENEFIT FROM!!!!!!!!!!!!

I refer above to YOUR GOAL…. YOUR GOAL…. YOUR PLANS FOR OTHERS…. Simply acting as an allegedly offended and upset victim of what you set out to make out as if of MY DOING AT THE TIME, without your permission, when in fact YOU were NOT a victim of some abuse of trust but a conniving dreamer; just another abuser of the benefit you secured as such, as a conniving dreamer, shyster and fraudster (>I add, now<).

Unless I have your justified / excusable explanations and YOUR APOLOGIES >>>for the ways you treated and rewarded my generous assistance and my patience with the abuse of my time and goodwill and the use of Barry as you set out to do, ALSO YOUR REASONS WHY YOU DEFAULTED TO MAKE GOOD YOUR UNDERTAKING I will have no alternative but to consider but an appropriate introduction to YOUR PARTS & YOUR CASE, when I go about re-establishing the presence of Crooked-Lawyers Dot Net in the public domain, chum.

The same goes about the parts of the farmer who gave to me a copy of ‘his’ story / his book’ with an appropriate dedication!!!! Like you, he turned yellow later, but only after benefiting from the pressures you both desired through connection with my person and my work, along with some of the other shysters you are very much aware of and very familiar with; in tune with THEIR VERY PERSONAL PLANS for Mr & Mrs Average taxpayer, just like you!!!

I must REPEAT my request >>>my demands NOW<<< that you must come forward with ALL ESSENTIAL CORRECTIONS attached to and born of the maligned ways you engaged and indulged in as a typical product of the mother of all PSEUDO-democracies; the PSEUDO-democracy which I set out to expose, specifically ITS PRODUCTS as persons whom I had no choice but to put up wit the many shysters and fraudsters who fell in love with the facilities for FRAUD APLENTY ON THE TAXPAYERS through rampant abuse of the courts facilities, care of abusers of judicial chair occupation. One and all poor specimens of alleged humans operating within the legal circles and, worse, fraudsters who operate from within the police forces as organised and maintained by the mother of all PSEUDO-democracies and the evil forces behind them all.

I suggest and point you >AGAIN< to THE REASONS why I copied and published the explicit words from the works of Heraklitos in the banner. I simply emphasize the fact that the words are NOT from the alleged holy scriptures; most clearly the words DEFINE SUCH PERSONS as you and the many abusers of my time and the trust, the patience they were allowed to benefit from >>> FOR & IN RESPECT OF MY PLANS FOR SHYSTERS & FRAUDSTERS, for persons who follow the ways of the society >THE STATE< that creates such evil persons.

The copy-paste below happens to be VERY CLEAR, Paul:- “ This message is from Trevor Pitman, Deputy of the States of Jersey who started the petition “@ukhomeoffice: Restore the visa of banned journalist Leah McGrath Goodman #FreeJersey,” which you signed on

Below, the blocked and interfered with comment by the dreamer / fraudster Paul Ronalds of Cardiff Submitted on 2012/10/19 at 2:29pm

Message from the shyster, starts/ “Can you please inform me why crooked-lawyers is unavailable at this most crucial time? For the police have now taken an interest in the taxpayer fraud running into millions? /Copy ends.

>>>NOTE:- This person has crawled out of the caves where he has been congregating with other dreamers, charlatans and fraudsters. He has now re-surfaced after years of the convenient ‘disappearance from the address he was a resident at’ when he sought assistance from Andrew Yiannides whose work for human-rights the fraud of an alleged ‘human’ had been following for quite a while before ‘the convenient disappearance’ he arranged after benefiting, naturally. The shyster was indebted to Andrew Yiannides who had to buy new equipment in order to create FOR the fraudster the presentation that was used to secure the new place of abode for the fraudster.

As ‘a typical product of the society and state that created and reared him’, he failed to make good his undertaking and forward the amount he volunteered to pay towards the new video equipment Andrew had to buy in order to create, with another, the warranted presentation about the state of the building the fraudster was moved away from by abusers of public office and trust!?!

The move, naturally, thanks to the pressures the created presentation when published on the Internet, put on abusers of public office and public facilities. All and everything in due course, visitor / reader. Wake up, for of such charlatans and evil persons the products reared and created by the mother of all PSEUDO-democracies!!!

Below, copy of the interfered with reply to the fraudster:-

This here comment was submitted by one of the many beneficiaries from the work which others did for him, when / after he sought assistance to challenge and expose wrongdoers and abusers of trust. It was not long before he established that he was but an egocentric and indifferent to the states imposed on others who were occupying premises / flats, also, in the same building about which he wished to make public his complaints as to the neglect, the disrepair and in general the dangerous state of the building as a whole.

Email exchanges with this fraudster will be used to create a new web-page at and an explicit / specific article here at JusticeRaped.

For typical examples of and about such persons, all visitors / readers should access the two explicit web-pages below (1&2) and note how many dreamers received the explicit and specific invitation to return the forms they should have completed IF genuine challengers and genuinely concerned with the blunt and arrogant abuse of the courts facilities for constructive fraud aplenty >AT THAT POINT IN TIME<.

All, allegedly, were seeking redress and cessation of and an end to abuse of the legal system, the courts facilities:-




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    • Thank you for the considerations. Most certainly the many you are referring to are seeking such information as we are making available here thanks to the extensive research commanded of persons who find themselves treated as ‘feed for the fodder’ when in need of such services as the creator of the website and the articles published here at Justice Raped. The latest submissions / revelations relative to the arrogant abuse of the courts facilities, as happened to have been the awakening I benefited from have been added to my Facebook portal (/Andrew Yiannides). Part of the realities addressed & exposed relate to the complicity of the police and the media.

    • Thanks for the appreciation and the kind words. The important element, however is the essential support by way of ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS AND MATERIAL from other citizens and victims of similar practices, such as the criminal activities by the legal circles in the United Kingdom, at which time the Law Enforcement services were operating as the indifferent supporters of it all while the media were acting and operating as blind as one could not imagine or accept such mentalities. One can only expect of physically blind persons such performances OR IF NOT PHYSICALLY BLIND just supporters of such which renders such opersons as ACCESSORIES & ABETTORS in legal terms, when one considers the FALSE & FORGED document that was introduced in the High Court case TWO YEARS AFTER THE INSTITUTION OF THE HIGH COURT CASE against the fraudsters who indulged in arrogant fraudulent misrepresentations, which is precisely what the legal circles engaged in >TWO YEARS LATER< by introducing and promoting the FALSE & FORGED DOCUMENT, which I published in the public domain at

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      Yet many the shysters who ignore such realities, fail to come forward as supporters of the victim of the abused courts facilities IN BREACH OF THE TRUST THE LEGAL CIRCLES BENEFIT FROM while the offenders benefit from the police protection rackets?

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  • It is really truly a great as well as useful part of information available at this website. I am happy that you embraced these essebtiasl and convenient details, as published here. You should be proud of what you set out to inform the visitirs / readers /researchers in this way. Many thanks for spreading such good information.

  • The true humans who read the above addenda NEED TO CONSIDER the fact that the website given by the newbie / evil one was loaded with INVASION of the system used to access such a catchy website, thereby the SHEEPle who were to be drawn to the promoted and used bait, were / are to benefit from unwelcome visitors to their systems. WAKE UP SHEEPle.
    Diogenis, searching for true humans, 2400 years on, here.

  • Anyone interested in CHALLENGING & EXPOSING the abusers of the courts facilities and any other public servant who failed to execute his or her public duties WITHIN THE REALM OF THE LAW, should contact me care of my personal email at

  • Any visitors and concerned / interested readers who read here of the abduction of the Human-Rights Organisation Community on Line, are asked to contact me at if interested in the project being re-instated but ONLY IF GENUINE VICTIMS OF ANY ABUSED PUBLIC OFFICE & OR PUBLIC FACILITY from within any state/country, no matter which, when and how the breaches of law and violations of rights.
    I hasten to draw attention to the fact that the reasons WHY I SET OUT TO STUDY & RESEARCH THE LONG ONGOING ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES, in the United Kingdom, WAS TRIGGERED BY THE FACT THAT I WAS DEFRAUDED OF MY RIGHTS, allegedly assured in law, and the abuser who VIOLATED MY RIGHTS BY BREACHING THE LAW, was an old school friend to whom I turned as such, with instructions to instigate legal proceedings against some dreamers who indulged in COMMERCIAL FRAUD at my expense.
    When instructing the solicitor, my old school friend Kypros Nicholas of Nicholas & Co, Seven Sisters Road, London N4, I provided him with full particulars and the supporting evidence when indoctrinated with the repetitious conditioning that all solicitors in the United Kingdom were Honorable Officers of the Supreme Court.
    The evidence I handed to the solicitor included an official letter from a third party among other documents, and the letter made it very clear that the dreamers, and in particular the fraudster who indulged in arrogant fraudulent assertions attached to the fraud imposed on me DID LIE and the deception he indulged in could NOT BE CORRECTED / CHANGED IN ANY OTHER WAY, safe admittance and the essential corrections which the evidence I presented and handed to the solicitor, commanded.
    However, solicitors and barristers thereafter simply engaged in the usual activities many speak of and I got to know of and experienced as the case ‘evolved’. Two years on, the old school friend, MY SOLICITOR, INVITED ME TO HIS OFFICE IN ORDER TO INFORM ME OF DEVELOPMENTS & THEREAT ADVISED ME ‘to give up / abandon’ my claim!
    In support of his advice, to one whom he assumed to be a naive and typical feed for the fodder sucker, he produced from the case file a document which he, informed me, he received from the Defendant’s solicitors.
    I simply asked for a copy in order to study the content, without disclosing an instantaneous observation as of the moment he placed the document in front of him. I excused myself for having to dash to other pressing work, for I did not wish to discuss his advice and directions that I should ‘drop / abandon the case’, for it had already cost plenty, for a case bound to fail” (his words) in view of the evidence he just received from the Defendant’s solicitors.
    We agreed to meet over the weekend at his residence in order to discuss the developments, including his advice, of course.
    I did not raise any issue with MY SOLICITOR, but I proceeded to the police station in Blackstock Road, nearest to the solicitor’s office, and place of business. There I produced the copy of the document I requested and received from the solicitor and I told the police officer at the front that my solicitor told me that he had just received the document that prompted him to invite me along that evening in order to advise me to drop my claim / abandon my High Court action.
    The solicitor, evidently, elected to ignore the most clear of changes / amendments to the document he received from the fraudsters’ solicitors. I pointed out to the police the relevant amendments to the document, definitely after the document had been created, which activity clearly pointed to ‘falsification of an already FALSE INSTRUMENT’. Such was the case and my report to the police station nearest to my residence; such was, also, the report to the police station near the Local Authority, the Town hall in Upper Street, London N1, where I met with the Local Member of Parliament, purportedly representing me and my rights at government level.
    The mentality of all, all the way to the office of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Robert Mark. The last, I ensured received, from me, a true copy of the FORGED FALSE INSTRUMENT, along with the original document I received from the third party that made it VERY CLEAR THAT SUCH A DOCUMENT as my solicitor accepted from the SOLICITORS OF THE FRAUDSTERS, in support of a concocted defense, DID NOT EXIST AT THE TIME & FOR SOME TIME WELL AFTER THE DECEPTION I had been the targeted victim of.
    Anyone who has experienced similar practices, failures and mentalities and or was faced with BLUNT MENTAL BLINDNESS by and from alleged professionals, such as the legal circles, including many a police officer and High Court Judges who, later were faced with much more than simply HANDLING THE BLUNT FORGERY, established the foundations and the reasons for the comprehensive study and research I engaged in thereafter.
    It is up to any individual who has been subjected to similar acts and impositions, as a victim of the organised abuse of the courts facilities, to accept or reject my reasons for stating and asserting that I was left with no option but to engage in comprehensive study of the arrogant abuse of the trust of the SHEEPle and the blunt abuse of the courts facilities, as of the spring of 1972, two years after instigating the high court action, well after the fraudsters, who, as it appeared, were being protected by evil forces, by the criminals in control of an allegedly civilized, as promoted by its creators / managers, country, society, PSEUDO-democracy allegedly resting and founded of principles of Law & Order.
    The extended research and studies that followed the attempts of the many who were sent along or of their own set out to obstruct and hinder my long ongoing attempts to inform and educate Mr & Mrs Average, how the taxes that were / are imposed on them were and are used by abusers of their trust, DID CAUSE ME TO LOOK FURTHER INTO THE CONSTRUCTIVELY ENGINEERED FRAUDS, LONG ONGOING THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES. And, as I discovered decades later, FOR THE CORRUPTION OF SOCIETY CARE OF THE VERY ABUSE OF THE LEGAL SYSTEM IN PLACE, which, on the surface appears to be admirable and commendable, when considering what is written and relentlessly promoted by the army of abusers of the trust of Mr & Mrs Average, contrary to the PRACTICES….. to the PRACTICES….. to the PRACTICES.
    The realities born of my research and studies of court cases over the last four decades established a picture far removed from the commendable promotions WHEN CONSIDERING THE REALITIES AFTER POINTING TO THE EVIDENCE ATTACHED TO & BORN OF THE ARROGANT & FRAUDULENT IN INTENT, MISREPRESENTATIONS ATTACHED TO THE ACTIVITIES of and by all manner of persons who simply suppress the realities born of the practices and simply promote the written word, which in no way ever represented THE PRACTICES SUCH AS MANY OTHERS and I have been subjected to, by the criminals in control of the United Kingdom, the mother of all PSEUDO-democracies as I have been pointing out for years.
    Anyone, who has suffered, as a victim of the abused courts facilities, and had similar states imposed on them by the legal circles and or by any / all manner of abusers of public office, should feel free to EXPOSE the abusers of public facilities, and IF genuinely concerned / interested, such persons should feel free to contact me directly using my personal email facility >
    Andrew Yiannides, London – United Kingdom
    January 2014

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    >>>NOTE:- The dreamer used a fictitious / permanently non-reachable email address when indulging in the usual uninvited assaults such as the many that were allowed through, with such changes as our visitors can read in the articles we used in order to cause true ‘humans’ to use gray matter before indulging in such idiotic promotions, uninvited. Need we have to point out that TROLLING ROBOTS, software is used by such morons as the alleged well-wisher?< <<

  • Gazz

    Hello Andrew, first of all, sincere sympathies for the loss of your relative.

    I have read a lot on both of your sites and find your work intriguing; however, what do you propose the ‘sucker serfs’ do about these scandalous deceptions? Perhaps your concentration can be focused on a solution? Perhaps you have already listed that somewhere – have I missed it ?

    While I am not what might be described as one of the ‘faithful’ . . . I acknowledge that those charged with running this country, could not be further from the Christian faith this country is purportedly founded upon ~ including the far from royal parasites draped in stolen wealth. Would you share your opinion on what some say regarding Elizabeth Windsor having broken her coronation oath; I would be very interested in that.
    Kindest regards

    Concerned – outraged – out of work & skint

    • Thank you for the kind words and considerations you expressed about the loss of my niece, friend.
      By way of a reply to your question I copy-paste, below some of my thoughts on the issues of interest and concerns to you. The material I copy is from my facebook portal, as put and submitted to my friends and contacts in September 2012.
      *** The sad reality >IS< , that all kind of people >from childhood< are indoctrinated with the ideas of their parents and their teachers. Not that I am in any way criticizing the rights of the parents to raise their young ones with principles their parents ADHERED TO. The same applies to teachers and religious leaders. As of my youth, I was given cause to ALWAYS STUDY and look into anything others >no matter who< sought to impose on me, especially when the impostor/s was/were NOT acting or behaving in accordance with the principles they were / are promoting. No true 'human' who THINKS ANY ISSUE OF >REAL CONCERN< and interest to him / to her >fails / lets himself/herself down< if / when he / she makes no time to study and research THE KILLINGS which religious leaders who allegedly adhered to the principles promoted by the three religions, ALL THREE founded and resting on the vile scenarios sold to the naive and gullible, non-thinkers in the third century before the COMMON ERA (I love the choice of 'COMMON', friends pointing to the vile roots of 'the common factor' >the Old Testament rubbish and its vile scenarios)… I carry on >ANY person who fails to consider WHY THE RIVERS OF BLOOD BETWEEN the followers of the original rubbish and the clones of it, SHOULD consider WHY DID THE LEADERS OF ALL THREE ENDORSE >if not instigate< THE WARMONGERING & worse, they BLESS THE KILLINGS.... in contempt of one of the ten commandments delivered, allegedly, by 'the common deity / god' to Moses? I apologize for anything I hereby express as my personal thoughts and conclusions, especially to friends who follow any single one or any other clone of the original rubbish. I SIMPLY ASK ALL, seriously concerned visitors and readers, is to access the most clear of issues I HAD TO READ AGAIN AND AGAIN. It prompted me, as it did, TO STUDY AND CONSIDER FURTHER RESEARCH and studies of the Old Testament scenarios, and the multitude on similar foundations, raising many questions, such as the one I have been pointing to at I ask all readers, visitors, especially friends to consider the activities and the convenient failures >the defaults of the star performer< who sought help and assistance from me AS A SENT ALONG STOOGE. The person was of opinion that persons of such mentalities and attitudes to others, they can fool all of the people all of the time. I hasten to add that when I was barely fifteen years old when we were discussing in class, as part of our English language lessons, I came up with an addition to the well known quote "There is a fourth dimension to the possibilities sir, 'there are some people whom others cannot fool at any time". SPECIAL APOLOGIES to Sharon, who should consider what I point to, in respect of indoctrination and imposed states on the young ones and above all why the state of affairs between the Muslims and the Jews not to mention the past warmongering between the Muslims and the Christians over the same >alleged Holy Lands

      • Hello Andrew,

        The intentions of those who are steering this nation could not, really, be any clearer. The problems are now most evident and have been ongoing for many years, stretching far and wide, way beyond the British Isles; everything contrived and plotted in the ‘den of perdition’, the United Nations.

        A great shame it is that most folk only ever consider what is occurring on their own doorstep when and after it affects them directly. I agree that there are many who take part for personal gain in the game that is. Citizens in the UK are now either going hungry or fighting off freezing temperatures in their own homes – is it any wonder folk abandon principles?

        For those who look, it isn’t hard to see the absolute corruption of our society and institutions. Of most importance – is what to do? Vast numbers seemingly lost, could not care less provided they have a full stomach and a warm home . . . A lost nation indeed. Citizens may believe that redress can be gained through the courts of Europe; sadly, I think this is false hope. Britain needs to re-establish her independent sovereignty, set aside from Europe. . . In fact – a complete overhaul is required from the top down. The only hope is that our military and police take over at the helm and not jump ship, leaving the Good British folk at the mercy of the cruel and monstrous lot now in control. When a single soul is above and beyond justice – regardless their position, there can be no justice. That is the current state of play here in this country.

        The battle rages on Andrew, I may not have a full understanding of the game being played out here. I know perfectly well it is not good and I know perfectly well which side I am on . . . Quite frankly the system is very broke and it stinks.

        Take good care friend.


    • You have said it friend!
      The creators, administrators and organisers of all PSEUDO-democracies could not have been / be further from the principles you point to. Do access the letter to the Letters Editor of ‘The Times’, from Mr Frank Ryder, which I reproduced at:-
      I suggest that you access, also, the explicit extracts from Isocrates’ works in the very article here at justice raped dot org where you left your comment to and for other visitors and readers to consider.
      I further suggest that you access the explicit extract from the old testament rubbish, to which I have been pointing for well over 40 years, to close friends, as reproduced, with an appropriate introduction by me, to the scenario, at:-
      I refer, above, to all persons who were and have been / are fed with and are reared on the teachings attributed to Jesus Christ, the anointed one >as the second part of the name implies< . The fact remains that the fraudsters who came up with 'The Bible', in the form they created it in, some three centuries after the passing of the teacher, the Rabbi, can never be changed. It is up to the user of gray matter to consider and think of the issues and the elements such as I point to here, to work it all out, thereafter. I need not point to the fact that I am referring to the ploy whereby 'the promised Messiah', was to enhance the old testament rubbish, and thereby improve the original scenarios / scripts / 'holy scriptures'. The improvements were called for, and in fact warranted, in order to make the original rubbish acceptable to 'true humans', to >THINKERS< . Hence, the ploy of incorporating the two strands of teachings into one work; the two, however, were and remain at variance and in stark contradiction to and with one another, as far as the issue of PRINCIPLES IS CONCERNED. One simply has to consider the words from / attributed from Jesus Christ to the scribes : "You are of your father the devil", and thereat confirm and agree with my conclusions, over 60 years ago when considering also which parties / circles attributed such words to 'the new teacher, the Rabbi' : Jesus Christ. The failure to enhance the old testament teachings (by examples stated in the many vile old testament scenarios) such as I allude to, rests and is founded on the actual rejection of the old testament rubbish, most definitely unacceptable to any user of logic. Such was the case with those who had to be prepared for a new ploy, that of 'the promised Messiah', the one who was to enhance the.... rubbish. However, because the ploy failed and the targeted SHEEPle did not bond 'more strongly' (>as the craft-y ones had planned< ) with 'the old testament teachings', new scenarios were concocted and were embarked upon, by the craft-y ones, the creators of the old testament rubbish when creating 'The Bible', some 6 centuries after the creation / presentation of it, in the language of the Hellenes in Alexandria. Furthermore, because of the fact that 'the awakened elected to keep away from the craft-y who created the original rubbish, and, thereafter came up with the new Messiah person', the inclusion of the chapter in 'The Bible', known and referred to as 'The Acts of the Apostles'. The very chapter offers more than enough for 'realistic considerations' to true 'humans', to >THINKERS<. The fact remains that the one who was to make the SHEEPle bond back to the old Testament promotions / teachings, some three centuries after the passing of the days when the person was preaching to the conditioned SHEEPle and challenging in the process, the creators and administrators of the original ploys, the SHEEPle were introduced to new 'teachings and thinking', which the New Testament part of 'The Bible', a mere fraction of the whole, makes very clear. Do read the Acts of the Apostles and recognise why I determined, as a young man, that the teachings attributed to the promised Messiah instead of bonding the targeted SHEEPle back and strongly to the old testament rubbish, created another avenue and approach to 'religion and the ploys of indoctrination (from a young age) and the conditioning of 'the SHEEPle', instead. The need arose to create the addition to the old testament rubbish and the craft-y creators of the original, with the Romans in the forefront, the new creation and the imposition of the NEW RELIGION, linked to and 'based on the old testament rubbish'. Many the scenarios and scripts that establish the validity of my conclusions when as a young man I was 'studying not merely reading the bible'. Do access and read the Tower of Babel scenario, the extract I copied and reproduce from the old testament at human-rights and thereafter find me a decent 'human being', one who would be likely to adore and worship the EVIL ONE, the one who came down with his affiliates and associates to cause 'the sons (>NO daughters<) of men (>NO women<) to cease co-operating and achieving great things. FIND ME, I say, ONE 'decent human' who would worship such a Deity / God / 'respect such a father' and not reject such promotions about 'the evil one', as concocted and written of by the fraudsters who set out to become Lords and Masters of all and everything on planet earth. Many the vile (anagram of evil) scenarios concocted for the old testament by the fraudsters who presented such vile creations as alleged 'holy scriptures' to Ptolemy in Egypt in the third century BC / BCE (take your choice) as the craft-y ones concocted / came up with, while encouraging and creating new scenarios, for ever created and built on their long ongoing ploy of >keep them divided and at each other's throats<... the plans of the evil ones out there.... for the SHEEPle. Access, at the second URL above 'The Tower of Babel' scenario where one reads of some really disturbing 'holy scripture / acts' by the creator of all and everything. Thereafter consider that I used the above scenario / script from the old testament, by reproducing it, for the above chapter of my research work. There, I relate to, and I use the specific legal cases of a family whereby the legal circles, AS FOLLOWERS and PRACTITIONERS OF THE VERY TEACHINGS BY EXAMPLES STATED in the old testament, HAD THREE GENERATIONS OF THE SAME ROOT FAMILY at each others throats in the courts, for years. In the courts, naturally, as created, maintained and managed by followers of the very old testament teachings (by examples stated) such as the scenario you are pointed to, above!!! CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS / FAITH??? CIVILISED SOCIETY and STATE??? Added on 15th March 2013: Access and watch the video 'The End of Sovereign America' at to which I have just been pointed. Consider the realities and pass on the URL to all of your contacts, world-wide, for due consideration of the very realities that I, myself, have been pointing to for over 40 years. I conclude by asking you to look up the root of the word 'CATHOLIC' : 'ΚΑΘΟΛΙΚΗ', simply implying ALL INCLUSIVE (the peoples of the earth, naturally) and then THINK : Why the Spanish Inquisitions and WHY the same states imposed in the Americas by the very same foundation, the church allegedly created by Peter, 'the disciple who denounced his teacher', the alleged first bishop of the very church, yet Paul was eliminated in the dungeons of Rome some three generations later!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can I just say what a reduction in wasted time when trying to find somebody who really knows what they are speaking about on the internet? You definitely know how to bring a problem to another’s mind and you make it really important and worthwhile. Extra people need to read this and understand this aspect of the story. I can’t consider you are no more or less popular after publishing such material for others to read, since you definitely have the gift.

    • As typical as they come!
      Promotion opportunities used for commercial / business interests!!
      To hell with the impositions the taxpayers are lumbered with!!!
      Everything care of the creators and organisers of PSEUDO-democracies!!!!
      Congratulations ‘computer expert’, relying, as you are, on the programming you benefited from as of your education and
      your childhood formative years!!!

  • Ed

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    >>>NOTE, the most direct of promotions yet…. pointing to yet another crawling robot…. software…. by and from a non-human a NON-THINKER. <<<

    • Yet another attempt through which to generate chain-reaction promotions for commercial interests attachments, as created by them who follow the flow and to hell with the realities exposing the RAMPANT FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS, the sucker-serfs, the sheeple….. milked dry by the criminals who created the PSEUDO-democracies they dare promote as the genuine article.

  • *Interesting article to read! Thanks for sharing!
    >>>NOTE:- Links to irrelevant promotions replaced with a link to evidence trlative to the rampant fraud ongoing in the courts at the expense of the taxpayers, leading to REWARDS to the victims of the abused courts’ facilities… so long as they agree to keep it all, in the family closet….. the closet of the fraudsters who created such states, as the allegedly civilised PSEUDO-democracies. <<<

  • Rather than produce the same old content you’ve got taken this topic to an entirely new level . Kudos for not following the regular writing crowd.
    >>>NOTE:- Links to immaterial to the issues and the realities we cover, we point to and we expose here at Justice Raped, simply REPLACED WITH A LINK TO RELEVANT MATERIAL at <<<

    • Thank you for recognising & acknowledging the realities and the VALUE OF THE CONCEPT, resting and founded on the studies and the research work ongoing for over 40 years >as far as the abused courts facilities go< . Refer and point others to the eye-opener case stated at:- A visit SHOULD SUFFICE for any true human >any gray matter user, ANY THINKER< , after viewing the FALSE DOCUMENT THAT WAS FORGED also, before the legal circles promoted such a creation in their quest for income generation >theatrical productions in the courts WHILE / WHEN INTENDING TO CORRUPT & PERVERT JUSTICE by targeting the person whom their circles determined had no rights to protection under the law.
      Keep tracking, and IF YOU ARE IN ANY WAY CONCERNED & OR INTERESTED in the blunt and RAMPANT FRAUD IMPOSED ON THE SUCKER-SERFS in all PSEUDO-democracies, through abuse of the courts facilities, as arranged through the European Court for Human Rights, do ensure that you pass on the information attached to the realities I set out to challenge and expose.
      Do access the explicit material and the evidence published at:-

      NOTE the material I added there for consideration of the COMMON FACTORS / Practices the EVIL FORCES AT WORK, founded and resting on promotion of the Old Testament VILE (>anagram of ‘EVIL’< ) RUBBISH. Further to the above, in case you are not familiar / you have not familiarized yourself with my work >founded on comprehensive studies and research work< DO ACCESS the most clear of scenarios scripted by the fraudsters who concocted 'The Old Testament' rubbish at:- & Consider the simple fact that the fraudsters attribute many other similar scenarios to their creation >THE alleged creator of and everything; the God who created man in his own image!!!

      • Can you please inform me why crooked-lawyers is unavailable at this most crucial time? The police have now taken an interest in the taxpayer fraud running into millions?
        >>>NOTE:- This person has crawled out of the caves where he has been congregating with dreamers, charlatans and fraudsters. He has now re-surfaced after years of the convenient ‘disappearance from the address he was resident at’ when he sought assistance from Andrew Yiannides whose work for human-rights the fraud of an alleged ‘human’ had been following for quite a while before ‘the convenient disappearance’. He arranged for the ‘convenient disappearance’, after benefiting, naturally. The shyster was indebted to Andrew Yiannides who had to buy new equipment in order to create FOR the fraudster’s own case / claim representations and challenges to abusers of public facilities; the presentation was used to secure the new and undisclosed place of abode for the fraud of an alleged human. As ‘a typical product of the society and the states >the country that reared him’. He failed to make good his undertaking and forward the amount he volunteered to pay towards the new equipment which Andrew had to buy in order to create, with another, the warranted presentation about the state of the building the fraudster was moved away from by abusers of ‘public facilities’ and the trust of the SHEEPle as arranged by the creators of the mother of all PSEUDO-democracies.
        The move, naturally, thanks to the pressures generated through the created presentation, after it was published on the Internet and the pressures put on abusers of public office and public facilities.
        All and everything in due course, visitor / reader. Wake up, for of such charlatans and evil persons, of such products reared and created by the state, the mother of all PSEUDO-democracies!

      • This here comment was submitted by one of the many beneficiaries from the work that others did for him, when he sought assistance to challenge and expose wrongdoers and abusers of trust and public office!!! It was not long before he established that he was simply an egocentric and indifferent to the states imposed on others who were occupying premises / flats, also, in the same building about which he wished to make public his complaints as to the neglect, the disrepair and in general the dangerous state of the building as a whole.
        Email exchanges with this fraudster will be used to create a new web-page at and an explicit / specific article here at JusticeRaped.
        As a typical creation-product of a PSEUDO-democracy the specific person, all visitors / readers should access the two explicit web-pages below (1&2) and note how many dreamers received the explicit and specific invitation to return the forms they should have completed IF genuine challengers and genuinely concerned with the blunt and arrogant abuse of the courts facilities for constructive fraud aplenty AT THAT POINT IN TIME. All, allegedly, were seeking redress and cessation of and an end to abuse of the legal system /the courts facilities:-

  • This is a message to the webmaster. I came to your “The Human Rights Organisation Community on Line that was”, article here at Justice Raped, via Google but it was hard to find as you were not on the first page of search results. I see you could have more visitors because there are not many comments on your website yet. I have found a website which offers to dramatically increase your rankings and traffic to your site: http://www….. [>DELETED< ]. I managed to get close to 1000 visitors/day using their services, you could also get a lot more targeted traffic than you have now. I used their services and got significantly more visitors to my website. Hope this helps 🙂 Take care. >>>NOTE:- The usual attempts to promote services, such as the visitor Denise engaged here, were simply REMOVED, FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. The link was replaced with a link to relevant material published at <<<

    • Denise needs only to search for Justice Raped and the website is right there at the top, in most search engines.
      Searching the name of the creator of and throw up more than enough web-pages / URLs for and from both creations.
      Land on ‘solid ground and cease dreaming up such assertions in and of / for cloud cuckoo land, Denise.
      The website was NOT CREATED TO SELL SOME PRODUCT, wake up.
      The website was created for persons who use gray matter; for persons who think about the states imposed on them by abusers of their trust; and, above all, for considerate persons who THINK OF THEIR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS, not just about how to create wealth, invariably at the expense of others and in particular through reliance on the criminals in control of the courts facilities. Hence and thereby, the choice of the title pointing to the fact that Justice, >a deity in Classical Hellas times, as with Democracy< both are RAPED DAILY by the creators and the promoters of the allegedly civilised states founded and resting, allegedly, on principles of Law and Order. WAKE UP, Denise.

  • Very interesting details you have observed and recorded.Thanks for putting it all up, here at Justice Raped. “These days an income is something you can’t live without –or within.” by Tom Wilson.
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    • The comment constitutes a typical service sell.
      No consideration of the realities exposed and the fact that the sucker-serfs in all PSEUDO-democracies have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of criminals in public office.
      Of such ‘sheeple’ as the author of the comment the make-up of the electorate who are treated as serfs of the Middle Ages….. toiling away and paying taxes for such services as the ARROGANT CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS ONGOING THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES…. ALL THE WAY TO THE EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS.
      All and everything as arranged and organised by the successors and the followers of the teachings by examples stated in the most vile of works ever to have been misrepresented to mankind by the fraudsters who concocted the alleged creator of all and everything:- the god of the Old Testament!!!

  • Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new articles and updates.
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  • Wow, I’m sincerely chuffed that I clicked on this WEBSITE AND page; super information here! Better than any blank search at google dot com or any other search facility. Thank you for sharing the results of your research!
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  • I just want to tell you that I’m very new to blogging and site-building and I really savour your website. More than that, I am to bookmark this website and I will certainly be updating myself with the terrific articles and the content of the website, here at Justice Raped. Many thanks for sharing with us your website.
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  • I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I am quite certain I’ll learn many new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!
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