Extensions to past submissions and evidence from recorded history pointed to, in order to awaken the ill-educated and the misinformed

Transmission for Diogenis to edit & improve /  correct / add material prior to the creation of the new article intended for
The transmission followed the Sunday morning Andrew Marr interview of Prime Minister David Cameron.

FOR ‘the rampant FRAUD & CORRUPTION’ that abounds in most allegedly ‘civilised states’, access the exclusive page:- [The link takes one straight to evidence that taxpayers contributions, in all states / countries that signed up to the European Convention in 1948 (Rome, if you please, note) are used to REWARD the converted victims -of the legal circles- when they agree to keep quiet about the rampant FRAUD INSTIGATED & PROCESSED through abuse of the courts facilities].

For PROOF OF THE COLLABORATION, between the Executive & the Administrative, in states such as the United Kingdom specifically, visitors should consider WHY Lord Mackay, the Lord Chancellor, got busy in promoting the ways of the British courts and was demanding that all signatory states / countries, to the European Convention on Human Rights, should adopt the ways of the British courts, after reading,  below, the explicit arrangements for ‘the sucker-serfs’ in the UK:-
“The court has inherent jurisdiction to stay an ACTION which MUST FAIL; as for instance, an action brought in respect of an act of State.”

The above qualify: ‘Criminals are in control in pseudo-democratic states’.

Below, enlightenment for the products of the system : for the fraudsters-club-recruits & maintenance engineers of the system; persons who seek to offend and obstruct genuine challengers who EXPOSE the criminals:-
From Isocrates’ Aeropagiticos:-
*** “But in fact they thought, virtue is not advanced by written laws but by the habits of every-day life; for the majority of men tend to assimilate the manners and morals amid which they have been reared. Furthermore, they held, that where there is a multitude of specific laws, it is a sign that the state is badly governed; for it is in the attempt to build up dikes against the spread of crime that men in such a state feel constrained to multiply the laws.
Those who are rightly governed, on the other hand, do not fill their porticoes with written statutes, but only to cherish justice in their souls; for it is not by legislation, but by morals, that states are well directed, since men who are badly reared will venture to transgress even laws which are drawn up with minute exactness, whereas those who are well brought up will be willing to respect even a simple code”. ***
The above is dedicated to ALL abusers of Andrew Yiannides’ time and the trust they were allowed to benefit from, while their activities were being investigated, as the challenges published in the web-pages listed at the common bottom part of all web-pages pointed to from and evince.
Additional material on Isocrates and a couple of quotes from and about his work and times is added, below, as part of  this article for Justice Raped. Perhaps, one needs to emphasise ‘perhaps’, all abusers of Andrew Yiannides’ time and the trust they were allowed to benefit from, while Andrew was studying and observing the benefits they acquired from the New World Order Code, goes without saying, might now reconsider their parts in expanding the rampant fraud on the sucker-serfs as the facility that sucked them into the New World Order code of ethics and morals exposed (a) through the arrangements between the Executive and the Administrators of fraud aplenty evinces [as pointed to at the top of most web-pages] and the arrangements for fraud aplenty through the European Convention -now court- of Human Rights Andrew Yiannides has been exposing for well over 12 years in the public domain at
We refer, above, to ‘the code of ethics’, as created by abusers of trust and followers / promoters of the teachings by examples stated in the most vile >anagram of evil< of works ever to have been misrepresented to mankind : the alleged Holy Scriptures used for the foundations of many a false tongue >religions< each one fed by the same roots of the tree with different branches >languages / preaching< and each language producing poisonous fruits, as intended by the criminals who concocted the Old Testament RUBBISH, and as intended by the fraudsters who, for centuries / millennia were, have been and carry on promoting the rubbish as alleged holy scriptures.
PERHAPS now, all abusers of Andrew’s time might care to consider his disillusionment and his disappointment with ‘the states and the serfs created by the education system and by the organisers, by the creators, by the promoters and by the administrators of the New Moral Code in the United Kingdom.
The ‘new moral code’, >one needs to emphasise< was recognised by Andrew Yiannides between 1972 and 1976 to have been / be far removed from the teachings Andrew was benefiting from, as a pupil / student at ‘The English School’, Nicosia, Cyprus throughout 1951-1956.
Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS
Contributing articles at as ‘Diogenis’ searching for humans >THINKERS< 2400 years on.

Bust of Isocrates: plaster cast in the Pushkin Museum of the bust formerly at Villa Albani, Rome.

The quotes below might perhaps cause readers / visitors to consider WHY the bust of Isocrates at Villa Albani, in Rome and above all Andrew Yiannides’ repetitious pointers to the fact that the Romans –who civilised Europe, which historical realities no one can doubt, were enjoying themselves by regaling in watching wild beasts devouring humans just as they were regaling in watching Gladiators tormenting and slaying slaves in such arenas as the Coliseum.


“Our city of Athens has so far surpassed other men in its wisdom and its power of expression that its pupils have become the teachers of the world. It has caused the name of Hellene to be regarded as no longer a mark of racial origin but of intelligence, so that men are called Hellenes because they have shared our common education rather than that they share in our common ethnic origin.” [Link from here -later- to a dedication of this quote to specific persons who engaged in organising and re-arranging the life of Andrew Yiannides in accordance with the code of ethics they inherited or were introduced to by the assistants of the evil one who, according to the creators of the old testament rubbish, arrived on earth in order to cause the  sons (no daughters)  of men (no women) to cease co-operating and achieving greatness]

Visitors, readers of the above should consider also the quote below:-

“In Panathenaicus, Isocrates argues with a student about the literacy of the Spartans. In section 250, the student claims that the most intelligent of the Spartans owned copies of and admired some of Isocrates’ speeches. The implication is that some Spartans had books, were able to read them and were eager to do so. The Spartans, however, needed an interpreter to clear up any misunderstandings of double meanings which might lie concealed beneath the surface of complicated words. This text indicates that some Spartans were not illiterate. If this speech is taken literally, it would suggest that Spartans could conduct political affairs and that they collected and made use of written works such as speeches. This text is important to scholars’ understanding of literacy in Sparta because it indicates that Spartans were able to read and that they often put written documents to use in their public affairs”.

From: “” <>
To: Andrew Yiannides <
Cc: Paul Talbot-Jenkins <>; Wiliam Spring <>
Sent: Sunday, 2 October 2011, 12:37
Subject: 4JR on Sunday 2nd October 

This morning, on BBC1 television, in the course of the Andrew Marr interview, the Prime Minister spoke of OUR FAILURES >as a country and governments, of different political coloration, naturally >TO USE OUR CREATIVITY PROPERLY< as a country.

He referred to the World Wide Web concept, to the DNA,  etc., the roots and origins of which were of this country’s products, of citizens and of our universities.

Visitors, friends and strangers who had cause to *google / search* the name Yiannides, because of something they read or heard of and or about Andrew’s work FOR human rights, should access [Link] the extract from one of the many letters to Prime Minister, Tony Blair. The extract alluded to is from part of follow up communications, to 10 Downing Street. The specific letter, one of ongoing communications that included submissions and challenges to all alleged servants of the people, servants of the taxpayers as a whole. Of such issues Andrew’s communications from well beyond the letter Andrew received, in July 1995, from the Spokes Person on Legal Affairs FOR THE OPPOSITION, Paul Boateng, who responded to Andrew for and on behalf, also, of the Leader of the Opposition Tony Blair QC. The main issue of the submissions was acknowledged as >FRAUD IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM<.

Many the charlatans and fraudsters-club-recruits, as of 1992, who accosted Andrew and attached themselves to Andrew Yiannides with their own vile / evil plans for all others, irrespective of the generality of the long ongoing ‘different tongues / interests’ [Link to reasons] from hypocrites and from ego trippers who were, are, and or as morons were / got / get hooked on / are ‘sold to the system of operations’ as organised and managed by followers and promoters of the scripts and scenarios concocted by fraudsters 2300 years ago. [Link]

ANY VICTIM-CHALLENGER BOTHERED TO ACCESS the realities related at the new facility?

We refer above to

DID ANY of the multitude of victims of *the ARROGANTLY ORGANISED >world-wide< CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY* >>>ongoing for centuries<<< EVER REFLECTED and stand back in order to look ‘afresh’ at the states imposed on them?

Did anyone recognise the simple fact that the scenarios / states happen to be *COMMON PRACTICES* in all PSEUDOdemocracies?

We refer to *common practices*, above, simply because the many victims who crossed path with Andrew Yiannides over the last 20 years, one and all were and have been relating, to one another, experiences of same foundations.

A number of ‘the victims who accosted Andrew and attached themselves to him, did speak of similar experiences and failures / failings by many a  fraudster and persons who secure the votes of ‘the SHEEPle‘ in ALL PSEUDOdemocracies (as Andrew Yiannides coined back in 1972-1976) to act ‘as the SHEEPles‘ alleged representatives.

IN FACT, >MOST< IF NOT ALL, ARE MEMBERS OF SECRET / SECRETIVE >false fronts< SOCIETIES and brotherhoods, of which the most common *the Freemasons*, for instance.

The above video was uploaded by Diogenis on the server of the provider for the service paid for. At the time when the article was published, no directions or links pointing to youtube  were  considered or ever contemplated by the creator of this website.

The same applies to the video below. The video was uploaded to the server of the service paid for by the creator of this website. Somehow, another / others interfered and introduced other directions, most definitely NOT THE AUTHOR of the article and owner of this website. The person who has been meeting the cost for maintaining this website FREE of any commercial promotions, as happens with the youtube facility, never considered allowing advertisements or commercial interests promotions to interfere with the messages conveyed through the articles visitors are meant to benefit from. The original of the video below will be uploaded when secured from the creator’s archives or when a colleague, an affiliate who was maintaining this website for years passes on a copy of the original that was uploaded when the article was published. The video uploaded now below is not the original but another where some but not all of the speech of the assassinated President J F Kennedy when he addressed the press on 27th April 1963.

President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech version 2

President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech version 2

J. F. Kennedy talks about secret devils,(Masons& Illuminati)

WAKE UP friends for on your shoulders the burden of the challenge and war of words >>>stated facts<<< UPON WHICH, YOU, AS VICTIMS OF THE ORGANISED CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY should be ACTING.

All are hereby invited >one and all< to access the following URLs / web pages and all are asked to note and consider the year when the Community on Line concept was put to ALL victims of abused public services / abusers of public office, the judiciary, inclusive, naturally:-











Any who bothered / bother to access the facts related in the last URL, above, should consider the one and only reason WHY (a) THE POLICE, (b) THE VICTIMS SUPPORT at Haringey, (c) THE COUNCILORS contacted over the years at Haringey Council and (d) THE STAFF & OFFICERS of the IPCC, >the allegedly< >*Independent*< Police Complaints Commission< simply shoved all and everything they received from the targeted sucker-serf in the dark corners of the caves where all congregate to plan their next move towards Totalitarian Control of the sheeple in accordance with the New World Order fraudulently misrepresented, by hypocrites and the morons who fell and fall to all manner of alleged considerations for the creation of a better world!

A world constituted, allegedly, of peoples who are tolerant and respectful of the rights of others, such as the right of an eight year old brat to offend his teacher by yellng at his teacher, Don’t touch me, you are a Christian, AND one and all of the creators of such a society in the United Kingdom IGNORE SUCH PRODUCTS OF THEIR CREATIVE, EVIL WAYS, while of opinion that all of the tolerant and considerate ‘sheeple’ who have taxes imposed on them for such creations, resting and founded on positive discrimination and the ENCOURAGEMENT OF BRATS TO GROW UP INTO TOMORROW’S WORLD OF ALLEGEDLY TOLERANT… and disrespectful of any others >as the brats are reared and promulgated by allegedly considerate….. ‘of THEIR PLANS ONLY’, as followers of the teachings by examples scripted and disseminated by the fraudsters who set out to plagiarise the civilisation that criminals targeted 2300 years ago. WAKE UP ‘sheeple’, for and in your own children’s sake, unless you do not mind being treated and used as robots, or as suckers who have been / are indoctrinated / programmed in any of the many tongues / languages the fraudsters hinted at in the ploy you should have read in the URL number 9 above…. IF YOU BOTHERED to access and read of such realities >evidence<, of course!

Below an extract from the avenue Andrew Yiannides will be using FOR HIS WAR of WORDS ATTACHED TO OFFICIAL CHALLENGES as preliminaries to USE OF RIGHTS provided by the Acts of Parliament and the European Convention for Human Rights.

The extract as copied from the new facility, follows:-

***I will be releasing the full text of the letter at Justice Raped Dot Org (the extract mentioned above, as published at:- as part of the preliminaries to release of the letter I received, in July 1995, from Paul Boateng QC & Tony Blair QC, Copy of the letter I delivered, recently, to the legal department of another Local Authority (Islington Borough Council) the Local Authority that maintained the fraudsters in the local police force, the officers who failed in the execution of their public duties when a copy of the blunt FORGERY which solicitors procured and presented to me as legitimate evidence in support of a concocted defence to the legal action my solicitors, and the barrister they instructed, issued out of the High Court of Justice, in a matter of arrogant COMMERCIAL FRAUD.

Needless to say the police treated the issue of the additional criminal activities >care of the fraudulent misrepresentation of the BLUNT FORGERY, by the solicitors & barristers with contempt<. Ignoring the arrogant FRAUD BY THE LEGAL CIRCLES, as intended by one and all, >in the usual manner< included the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Robert Mark QPM.

Sir Robert Mark QPM (Queen’s Police Metal, if you please) in fact spoke of such matters when delivering his ‘commendable’ Dimbleby Lecture on BBC Television a year after he, himself, as Master of Ceremonies when administering Parliament’s Law in the PSEUDOdemocracy, as I coined ever since. All and everything, not as promoted to the naive and gullible, to the ill informed >by the press Barons<, to the ill educated sucker-serfs, in the United Kingdom; as in all ex Colonies of the British Empire, not to mention the world at large.***

Andrew Yiannides – London UK


2nd October 2011


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