Typical manifestations in a PSEUDOdemocracy, alleged servants of the public and the law COMMANDING that a public meeting be not recorded

Copied below Extracts from an explicit letter warranted as an absolute must in order to put on record events in the evening of Thursday 8th September 2011 at the Cypriot Community Centre, Haringey, North London.
Copy follows:-

Dear Tami
The extracts below are from a long letter to an arrogant alleged public servant. It all relates to other public servants:-
(1) Local Authority Councillors
(2) Local Police and the police in general in the United Kingdom.
All of whom relying on abusers of the legal system, abusers of the courts facilities, also abusers of judicial chair occupation to absolve them of any and ALL wrongdoing, especially ‘the constructively engineered ‘as organised’ states relentlessly imposed on the sheeple’, the taxpaying sucker-serfs, in the mother of Parliamentary / Elected Representatives Democracy.
Included in the submissions, pointers to the material facts and the realities published in the public domain at:-
in many contributions to other websites and blog facilities as in my facebook and twitter contributions.
As you are aware many the invitations to join other groups or set up new web domain facilities for my input and MY CONCERNS for humanity; my concerns founded and resting on the states imposed on me by criminals operating out of official bodies, ever since solicitors, back in 1972, engaged and indulged in the promotion of a blunt forgery intended to pervert and corrupt justice as administered by licensed criminals, by the abusers of the trust of ‘the sheeple’, including Ministers of ‘the Crown’ (all along) and whosoever is above them all; most definitely NOT the alleged creator (a non-entity) of all and everything.
The Extracts:-
A. *** AT THIS POINT IN TIME, what I am engaged in, relates to the last part of my four decades long, research, prior to release of the letter from the two Barristers / politicians, whereby they acknowledged TO ME, dreamer, the issue of FRAUD IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM, as organised by the legal boffins and as endorsed by the police and judicial chair occupants, with the blessings of the police and politicians, in an alleged democracy, dreamer.
B. *** I do not propose to point you to more realities, Christodoule because I regard you as just another indoctrinated / conditioned non-thinker, as a programmed robot beyond any reprogramming possibilities for I am sure that the language used for the programming of persons of your mentality, more than likely is one of the programming languages which the God of the Old Testament was issued with by the evil lot who created that deity before that deity came down to earth to cause the sons (no daughters!!!!) of men (no women!!!!) to cease co-operating ‘as contrived by the creators of the states hinted at by the evil lot who concocted the Old Testament RUBBISH in / for ‘The Tower of Babel’ scenario and much more on the same lines, ever since.***
C. *** DO INFORM THE ALLEGED REPRESENTATIVE OF THE SHEEPLE, that I look forward to the meeting which Mr Gurdip Singh (the senior police officer) promised to arrange with me tomorrow. DO NOTE that I have no time to waste with abusers of the trust of ‘the sheeple’, the sucker-serfs they secure votes from, let alone for ever be locked into the run-arounds (as Councillor Joanna Christophides, assertivley was expecting of me to have been just another simpleton / sucker-serf) the abusers of trust and lousy actors impose on others, FOR I REGARD SUCH PLOYS as offensive and arrogant mentalities from persons of YOUR CALIBRE, and worse, as INSULTS TO MY INTELLIGENCE and above all, ‘integrity’. (Look up the last word in a decent dictionary, dreamer).***
I will be releasing the full text of the letter (from which the above extracts) at Justice Raped Dot Org as part of the preliminaries to release of the letter from the Rt. Hon. Paul Boateng & Tony Blair, copy of which I delivered, recently, to the legal department of another Local Authority (Islington Borough Council) the Local Authority that maintained the fraudsters in the police force, officers of which failed in the execution of their public duties when a copy of the blunt FORGERY which solicitors procured and presented to me as legitimate evidence in support of a concocted defence to the legal action my solicitors, and the barrister they instructed, issued out of the High Court of Justice, in a matter of arrogant COMMERCIAL FRAUD.
Needless to say the police treated the issue of the additional criminal activities care of the fraudulent misrepresentation of the BLUNT FORGERY, by the solicitors & barristers with contempt; the arrogant FRAUD BY THE LEGAL CIRCLES, as intended by one and all, >in the usual manner< including the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Robert Mark QPM, who, in fact spoke of such matters when delivering his ‘commendable’ Dimbleby Lecture on BBC Television a year after he, himself, as Master of Ceremonies when administering Parliament’s Law in the PSEUDOdemocracy, as I coined ever since. All and evrything, not as promoted to the naive and gullible, to the ill informed >by the press Barons<, as the ill educated sucker-serfs are treated, in the United Kingdom; also in all ex Colonies of the British Empire, not to mention the world at large.
Feel free to circulate this communication to all of your contacts; copy it to any official and media agent whom you consider to be capable of ‘re-education’, as a ‘human’ whose CPU >Central Processing Unit< can be programmed / fed with an alternative programming language as opposed to the one in use in all PSEUDOdemocracies and the language used by the representatives of other PSEUDOdemocracies and states imposed on the human species by impostors and false fronts promoters.
I trust that with the latest from your part of the world, and the video “Season for Treason” as created and presented / published at those of us who are engaged in challenging and exposing abusers of the trust of the taxpaying sucker-serfs, shall now be seen in a different light by the long suffering sheeple within all PSEUDOdemocracies and more specifically by the corrupt, the corrupters and the corrupted, the last being the worst and the most offensive of the lot.
Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS
Contributing articles at as ‘Diogenis’ searching for humans >THINKERS< users of grey matter, 2400 years on.
Submitted at facebook after the email to Tami was posted:-
Friends who ARE INTERESTED & CONCERNED with the Organised Constructive FRAUD imposed on ‘the sheeple’ >on ‘the sucker-serfs’ collectively<  SHOULD KEEP their ears to the ground.
All should access and see the video “Season for Treason” at YouTube in order to benefit from the extensive research and the findings reported to the sheeple in the US of A by one of their own.
ONE & ALL should / will be interested in the realities exposed in the video; not far from what I set out to challenge and expose, >alleged public servants< in the United Kingdom.
When I release parts / extracts from a letter, which I posted in an email to a pro-active friend (the above) who is challenging the abusers of the courts facilities and public office, I am sure that you will all recognise why the Deputy Prime Minister in the UK, not long ago, SPOKE OF THE DEBTS CREATED BY THE PRESENT (*and past*) GENERATIONS and WHY WE SHOULD NOT LEAVE TO / EXPECT OF THE NEXT & FUTURE GENERATIONS TO MEET / PAY OFF such liabilities / debts. [NOTE: Personally I trust and hope the next generation I was party to in and for their creation shall and will accept what I had to ‘account for as a human’ over and above personal or selfish considerations].
For years in personal contacts, in emails and HERE (at Facebook) I have been hearing of and FROM the victims of the organised assaults on families and >how ‘the sexes’ are used< by the organisers of their lives (as the abusers of public office, public facilities, the police, the legal circles, and the courts, judicial chair occupants inclusive) ORGANISED & RE-ARRANGED (as if theirs) MY LIFE, for me.
Yet this is the first time I am openly informing you of the ORGANISED CRIMES I WAS SUBJECTED TO, as a family man.
In due course you will hear of MY WAY and MY CHALLENGES, and above all how I WILL THANK THE GESTATION VESSEL (in due course the reasoning / explanations) who was used and encouraged to treat me as all others used her, coerced her, assisted her in and created with and for her, at my expense >the emotional hell all collectively imposed on me, as opposed to simple financial terms.
Among the users of the gestation vessel my two brothers Costas and Savvas, also my elder sister Maria; THE THREE OF THEM FOLLOWING IN THEIR DARLING FATHER’S FOOTSTEPS.

One and all the products of ‘the different tongues scenario/ploy; THE HINT recorded by the fraudsters, by the criminals who created the Old Testament RUBBISH; the creators of the vile scripts promoted as alleged Holy Scriptures for over 2300 years.
Of such also the other tongues by the abusers of my time who elected to ignore my reasons for assisting persons who were only chasing the cash under the table, as covered in an explicit web-page; the very web-page which ONE & ALL ELECTED TO IGNORE FOR YEARS* [*Link].
In the meantime, and all the while, all were failing to recognise WHY I played daft and stupid. I was patiently securing evidence ABOUT THEIR MENTALITY & THEIR ADOPTED APPROACH TO THE CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS ON THE SUCKER-SERFS THROUGH THE ABUSED COURTS FACILITIES one and all were very much aware of and party to as active playmates in and for with the legal circles. >Recognise what I had to put up with<.
FOR ‘the rampant FRAUD & CORRUPTION’ that abounds in most allegedly ‘civilised states’, access the exclusive page:- (Straight to evidence that taxpayers contributions are used to REWARD the converted victims -of the legal circles- when they agree to keep quiet about the rampant FRAUD INSTIGATED & PROCESSED through abuse of the courts facilities)
For PROOF of the collaboration, between the Executive & the Administrative, in such states / the UK, read below the explicit arrangements for ‘the serfs’:-
*** “The court has inherent jurisdiction to stay an ACTION which MUST FAIL; as for instance, an action brought in respect of an act of State.” ***

The above qualify: ‘Criminals are in control in pseudo-democratic states.
Enlightenment for the products of the system : the fraudsters-club-recruits & all maintenance engineers of the system who seek to offend and obstruct genuine challengers who EXPOSE the criminals:-
From Isocrates’ Aeropagiticos:-
*** “But in fact, they thought, virtue is not advanced by written laws but by the habits of every-day life; for the majority of men tend to assimilate the manners and morals amid which they have been reared. Furthermore, they held, that where there is a multitude of specific laws, it is a sign that the state is badly governed; for it is in the attempt to build up dikes against the spread of crime that men in such a state feel constrained to multiply the laws.
Those who are rightly governed, on the other hand, do not fill their porticoes with written statutes, but only to cherish justice in their souls; for it is not by legislation, but by morals, that states are well directed, since men who are badly reared will venture to transgress even laws which are drawn up with minute exactness, whereas those who are well brought up will be willing to respect even a simple code”. ***
The above is dedicated to ALL abusers of Andrew Yiannides’ time and the trust they were allowed to benefit from while their activities were being investigated.
This article has been reproduced at:- FOR OBVIOUS REASONS.
Any visitor who is GENUINELY INTERESTED in the manifestations related and challenged through the article, is requested to access the reproduced article with additional material, for a number of reaons.
The facility is and will be used FOR LINKS TO & FROM other websites that are part of the circuit.

Due to the fact that far too many who submit comments here at Justice Raped simply engage in submitting ‘irrelevant comments to the article they are meant to and purport to be contributing their thoughts on’, simply lace their postings / comments with spam and links to commercial enterprises, this clarification is called for.
Thousands already have been rejected by the spam filters in place and or cast aside, when editing irrelevant input and questionable input / comments. The hundreds that are cast aside for inspection on a daily basis by the filters are in fact time consuming and we do without such.
Access the facility and consider the fact that material was adapted FOR MY PLANS for the abusers of trust and public office. The overall set-up is and will be geared as a complimentary facility to the material published here and at with the added bonus that any accepted comments at the portal will be  benefiting from invitations to publish such here at too.
Andrew Yiannides
London  UK
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9 comments to Typical manifestations in a PSEUDOdemocracy, alleged servants of the public and the law COMMANDING that a public meeting be not recorded

  • This design is incredible! You certainly know how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

    • Interesting, indeed, the views of the visitor who, evidently considers the serious issues addressed ‘with wit’ to be entertaining too.
      Visitors / readers who concern themselves with the issues covered here at Justice Raped Dot Org and at should consider the realities covered in the article where the issue and question commanding consideration was “WHO RESPONSIBLE” for the state of affairs prevailing in all PSEUDOdemocacies and in particular all States that signed up to the European Convention For Human Rights.
      Due consideration of the fact that the victims of the abused courts facilities end up accepting the rewards on offer under the terms of the European Court for Human Rights, points to the realisation that the victims by endorsing the terms of the offers themselves are corrupted without any doubt.
      Sincerely CONCERNED
      Andrew Yiannides

  • keep up the nice work on the site. I love it. Could use some more frequent updates, but I’m quite sure that you got better things to do , hehe. =)
    >>>NOTE:- Links to unrelated material and commercial interest promotions removed. We shall accept links pointing to websites where abuse of public office and public facilities are exposed and challenged, provided such websites incorporate permanent links to the realities pointed to, exposed and challenged here as in the very article the visitor read.
    We trust the visitor also accessed and read the explicit article in respect of the Human Rights Organisation Community on Line* [*Link]. At” we relate and point to the realities born of and attached to the convenient failures of persons who fell in love with the arrangements in place for fraud aplenty on the sucker-serfs who have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of criminals in public office.

    • Shona should consider addressing the simple question of “WHO RESPONSIBLE for the state of affairs prevailing, in all PSEUDOdemocracies, after studying carefully the realities covered in the article > where the challenges born of the realities IMPOSED on Mr & Mrs Averge by Officers of the Law & Justice, were simply shoved under the carpet, by the President of the Law Society.
      The realities pointed to the President of the Law Society and the evidence alluded to, as submited to the President of the Law society, commanded and warrant appropriate investigations and explanations by the President of the Law Society and none other bar the police to whom the President of the the Law Society could have referred the issues referred to the President of the Law Society, for obvious reasons.
      The above, indeed relate to the issues we are addresing here at Justice Raped Dot Org and at as visitor Shona recognised.

  • Thank you for helping out, great information.
    >>>NOTE:- Links to unrelated material and commercial interest promotions removed. We shall accept links pointing to websites where abuse of public office and public facilities are exposed and challenged, provided such websites incorporate permanent links to the realities pointed to, exposed and challenged here as in the very article the visitor read.
    We trust the visitor also accessed and read the explicit article in respect of the Human Rights Organisation Community on Line* [*Link]. At we relate and point to the realities born of and attached to the convenient failures of persons who fell in love with the arrangements in place for fraud aplenty on the sucker-serfs who have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of criminals in public office.

  • I once worked with an older gentleman who would often doze off during meetings. However, that older gentleman’-s intellect and body of knowledge so humbled the rest of us, that we figured he had earned the right. He’d listen to us when we said something worth hearing.
    >>>NOTE:- Promotion of commercial interests and links to unrelated material REMOVED. We welcome and entertain links to this website from other websites that expose and challenge abuse of public facilities as we do, so long as the other websites incorporate permanent links to this website.< <<Police Forgery

  • Hello. splendid job. I did not expect this. This is an excellent story. Thanks!
    >>>NOTE:- Link to some non-accessible and irrelevant URL removed; the visitor used vajayjay in / for the domain >slung for …..< removed. The lengths, breadths and the depths of depravity the maligned shall go simply adds to the EVIDENCE about the products created by and in allegedly civilized societies.<<<

    • I never thought this hapepns but when I see those kids in the streets of Nepal, swearing, stealing and begging, then I find myself standing by their side.
      I used to think how lucky I was….. I thought that it was a case of economic status of our country and the corrupted Governments, that were / have been leading the citizens to such bad states. But why these children are victims?
      Why the people behind it all, persons who are supposed to be ‘human’, fail to, at least, have / take pity on them???
      Why are such states imposed on the children???
      Is it the police?
      Is it foreigners?
      The above thoughts out of my imagination.
      I feel so sad and I cannot see ‘at this moment’ how in the same world, how in the same place we belong to, such children are growing up in such states and under such conditions.
      I hope people will stop doing ‘the sin’ of giving birth to children if they cannot afford / have no sound means to raise them.
      >>>NOTE:- We have introuced a link to the page where we point to an element from the circles that promote the type of ‘contradictory and conflicting policies’ by / from the followers of the most vile of works ever to have been created by such minds and fraudulently misrepresnted for over 2300 years as alleged ‘holy scriptures’ : the old testament vile >anagram of evil< scenarios, such as the most clear-cut of the evil intentions of the creators of the work, conveyed in the extract we point to below:- .

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