Additional proof of the orchestrated wilful attempts to bury the Hellenic civilisation

FromThe Hiram Key– Chapter Nine
The Birth of Judaism

Page 199
Moses The Law-giver
The authors, as beneficiaries of the Judeo-Masonic promotions / false education, set out to promote their ‘extensive gnosis’ by asserting: “Our task was to work forward in time….. This was going to be difficult because our only source of information was going to be the Old Testament, but at least we had our Masonic ritual to aid ‘interpretation’.
Fortunately the Bible is unequivocal that the Jewish nation started with one man and there is little doubt that an individual by the name of Moses did exist, and that he was connected with some kind of exodus of enslaved Asiatics from Egypt. After the expulsion of the Hyksos, ‘Semites of all kinds’, including the Habiru, must have been more than a little unpopular and it would explain why the otherwise friendly Egyptians suddenly enslaved many or even all of those who chose to remain in the country during the decade 1560-1550 BC. Inscriptions from the sixteenth and fifteenth centuries BC have been found giving details of these Habiru slaves and their forced labour. One tells of how large numbers were forced to work in turquoise mines, which must have been extremely dangerous and unpleasant without ventilation and with naked flames burning up the oxygen. We were interested to find out these mines were just a short distance from the mountain of Yahweh, Mount Sinai in the southern mountains of the Sinai Peninsula. Was this coincidence, we wondered, or could the break-out of the Habiru slaves have occured here rather than in Egypt proper?
Further on, on Page 200
‘We found that records show that although these proto-Jews spoke in the Canaanite language, they worshipped Egyptian deities and set up monuments to the gods of Osiris, Ptah and Hathor, which does not tie in with the popular image of the noble, enslaved followers of Yahweh yearning to be led to Jerusalem by ‘the god of their fathers’.
The story of Moses is retold to every Jewish and Christian child and therefore tends to stay with the adult as a matter of historical fact, even if most people discount the exotic element of the parting of the Red Sea. Exactly when this event happened is hard to pinpoint but formerly the most common held opinion was that Moses led ‘his people’ out of Egypt during the reign of Rameses II, which would place the event between 1290 and 1224 BC. There is, however, very good evidence recently put together to support a much earlier date, very close to the time of the expulsion of the Hyksos. ‘But before we delve into the issue of dating it is important to consider what we know of the man called Moses and what the Bible tells us about the Israelites and their god.
We found that the name Moses itself is very revealing. Strangely, the Roman Catholic Douai Bible informs its readers that it is Egyptian for ‘saved out of water’, whereas it actually means simply ‘born of’. The name normally required another name prefixed to it, such as Tothmoses (born of Thoth), Rameses (born of Ra) or Amenmosis (born of Amen).
On page 201 one reads:- ‘The name Moses is unusual as it is one of very few ancient Egyptian words still popular today, in its Hebrew form ‘Moshe’ and its Arabic form ‘Musa’, the Egyptians still call Mount Sinai ‘Jubal Musa’ – the mountain of Moses.

Further on, on page 206 under the subheading, ‘The War God of the Mountains of Sinai’, one reads:- ‘Reading the story of the Exodus carefully, and objectively left us horrified. The view that has been formed in our minds during our Christian-focussed upbringing was quickly turned on its head. Instead of a noble and great people winning their freedom and finding their ‘promised land’, we read a disturbing catalogue of primitive demonology, betrayal, mass murder, rape, vandalism and grand theft. It was the most disgraceful statement of origin for a new nation.

On page 260 the authors with a mission or two set out to enlighten their readers, themselves ignorant and blind to the fundamental elements of what they set out to expand upon and explain to their readers. Visitors and serious readers who seek unadulterated information need to access an earlier article in our pages : ‘Revelations Command Recognition of Realities’, the article can be accessed here:-

Below one of the many elements commanding consideration apropos. The obvious is pointed below and in itself constitutes an explanation as to why, for the introduction to the earlier (above URL) article it was deemed usefull and essential to assert that the authors, Lomas and Knight, came back with more than they bargained for.

As self-promoting ‘gnostics of a Judeo-Masonic background’, in contempt of the facts and the realised, the recognised, the well-documented, the recorded and the accepted, as written of by the serious student and researcher, they simply ‘set out to promote the long ongoing attempts to impose on mankind the foundations for the alleged one and only, the creation of fraudsters as worshipped and obeyed by the wily and craft-y who carry on promoting the one and only and the Old Testament RUBBISH, as Holy Scriptures; precisely as the naive, the gullible and the conditioned / indoctrinated have been, for some 2300 years.

The OBVIOUS pointed to below anyone who can use a decent ‘etymological’ dictionary can and will take on board, accept as herewith asserted. The two, with the twin aims, as maligned dreamers smply set about (through contempt of the well documented and recorded realities) eliminating the very foundations of words they alluded to and used for the ‘soundness’ of their work and promotions as maligned persons of a Judeo-Masonic background.

The authors simply carried on with the long-ongoing attempts to bury and write-off the Hellennes and their civilisation; the nation and the people who delivered to mankind the foundations of most, if not all, modern ‘human based and founded ethics and morals’, setting aside the foundations for all arts and sciences which no one can erase, with the exception of the ill-educated, the ill-informed, the maligned as indoctrinated and the conditioned non-humans, not forgetting the programmed robots’.

Midrash, Pesher and Parable

The reader reads:-  ‘Anyone today who studies ancient Judaism is fully aware that the Jewish mind of two thousand years ago and more was quite different to ours today and they have to understand the techniques of ‘midrash’, ‘pesher’ and ‘parable’. The term ‘midrash’ corresponds very closely to the English word ‘exegesis’ and can be defined as ‘the investigation and interpretation of the Hebrew scriptures for the purpose of discovering theological truths and instructions to be followed’. This is a closely related concept to a technique of understanding current events called ‘pesher’, which can be explained as an interpretation or explanation of a verse of Scripture in which a given statement is considered to have meaning regarding an event or a person at the present time or in the future. So ‘midrash’ was an ongoing process for the priests and prophets of Israel seeking out instructions to improve the spiritual well-being of the people and ‘pesher’ was a method of making sense of things that were happening around them. They believed that events were not random occurrences but conformed to structural patterns that could be described through studying of scripture. As a result of these two principles, when they wrote down a story of a recent event, they could be likely to ensure that it followed an ancient pattern. This explains why we find it followed an ancient pattern. This explains why we find so many references, both in the Old Testament and the Qumran scrolls, which are echoes of the Old Testament.

The term ‘parable’ is well understood by Christians because the New Testament tells us that Jesus Christ used this form of storytelling to communicate his morality teaching to the unsophisticated people of Judaea. The method can be defined as ‘a figurative explanation which may contain either allegory or metaphor or both to transmit a deeper level of meaning than the surface level’. These stories were not only simple analogies to help uneducated Jews understand the Law, they were also a technique of explaining complex current events in an allegorical and therefore, secret way. It is a fact beyond all dispute that Christianity was a Jewish cult and that all of its ‘original cast’ (Jesus, James, Simon, Peter, Andrew, Judas, Thomas, etc.) were people who thought in terms of midrash, pesher and parable. By contrast, what we might call the ‘second cast’ (Paul, Matthew, Luke, etc.) were quite different and used Hellenistic thought processes that are closer to the way we think today. The Gospels of the New Testament were almost certainly all written after the destruction of Jerusalem and Qumran and the death of the ‘original cast’. These writings were created for a Greek-thinking audience by people who took the teachings that they believed to be those of their Christ, then wove a life story for Christ around them – without the benefit of any actual eye witness testimony. To separate the fact from the fiction in the New Testament, we have to remove the literalism of Greek thinking and look beneath to study the undercurrent of radical Jewish and proto-Christian thought (?)

Anyone who has access to a decent English etymological dictionary should be in a position to look up the root and origins of the words ‘parable’ and ‘exegesis’ both happen to be of Hellenic / Greek origins. Ignorance of such facts point either to the authors shortcomings in the English language and to their ill-conceived perceptions of the present; yet they set out to promote ‘their understanding of the distant past’ through reference to their grasp of the type of Masonic enactments in Masonic Lodges, most of which were created around the Old Testament scripts and material, something which they should know was exactly what the fraudsters who concocted the Old Testament, rubbish – vile scenarios and scripts-, they indulged in AFTER the attempt to enhance the Old Testament / Judaism with the proposed son of the God the fraudsters created in the first instance, not forgetting the impressive ploy ‘their God resurrected His son, after crucifixion by the Romans without good cause or reasons, safe that the script so commanded. One need only ask why the mob attending the trial of ‘the accused’ when afforded the choice whom they wished to be released they determined that the criminal Barrabas should be the one(!). The aforesaid choice ‘by the followers of the Old Testament promotions’ created another opportunity for the followers / prmoters of the Judeo-Masonic rubbish to come along with the proposition / promotion (almost 2000 years later) that Barrabas was the good guy, the good teacher. With such assertions one simply has to accept that the vile / evil scripts and the ways of the creators of the alleged creator of all and everything as ongoing and that ALL who promote and dare assert that the Old Testament rubbish constitute alleged Holy Scriptures are but promoters and supporters of the evil as sure as the alleged creator of all and everything was engaging in and approving such vile acts as the ‘chosen ones were engaging in’, in accordance with the Old Testament scripts and THE LEGACY NO ONE CAN EVER ERASE.

Interestingly in their very work the two Freemasons asserted and qualified that the Old Testament scripts and material were created and put together by the exhiled, to Babylon, influential leaders of the Hebrews, in the 4th / 3rd century BC.

Underlined above in the last paragraph, opinions from the two authors in respect of the material created by persons who adopted / made Jesus their own, after the plan of the craft-y failed in their ploy to enhance the Old Testament RUBBISH. Odd it is not that the two set about to create, through their work, a new angle from which to promote the original rubbish about the one and only God, created for the plans of fraudsters some 2500 years ago.

Odd it was not that the creators of the vile Old Testament scripts and scenarios (about the one and only God, their creation) came forward with the Old Testament scripts and secanrios, about the alleged creator of all and everything in the original language 1200 years after the translation to Greek was delivered to Ptolemy, in Egypt, as covered in an article by Sir Frederic Kennyon copied for the interested and the concerned to access at:-

One cannot but wonder when considering the above as to how the authors of the work, from which the extracts, commanding consideration expect of all who read of such outpourings in terms of ‘definitive conclusions’, to simply accept such dribble as sound and well founded promotions…. unless the readers be of the same schooling and indoctrination as their ‘brethren’, other members of ‘the alledged philanthropic Brotherhood of Freemasons.

The fact that they set off to promote the word ‘exegesis’ as if English points to their ‘vile’ aims justifying the heading for this article.

Messrs Lomas & Knight, should land on ‘terra firma’ or go back to ‘primary education’ before ‘professing higher levels of education in matters ‘human’. The word ‘exegesis’ = ΕΞΗΓΗΣΙΣ is as Hellenic as it could come; it is derived  from ΕΞ (from, take from)  and ΑΓΩ (go to, point to, take to, derived from). The two maligned and anti-anything-Hellenic, ill-educated Judeo-Masonic robots should come forward with apologies without any reservations.

By their own admittance Knight and Lomas happen to be ‘programmed wih a cocktail from the Old Testament vile scripts -such as they recognised (above) in their work- and the Brotherhood rituals most definitely created and woven, by fraudsters, around the Old Testament scripts and scenarios which as a youngster, yours  truly, recognised decades ago without any guidance and assistance whatsoever.

As non-humans (non-thinkers) and as programmed robots the authors came along to project ‘wisdom and gnosis’ (the latter happens to ‘just another’ Hellenic word = the meaning of which is ‘knowledge’) bluntly intending to further pervert the reality and to corrupt the ill-educated non-thinkers. Everything simply as arranged by the creators and organisers of all PSEUDOdemocracies that rest and are founded on all manner of created ‘political conflicts’, arrangements for the sheeple who flock to all manner of ‘false fronts’ (including the Brotherhood itself) for the type of conditioning and indoctrination such as the two acknowledge through their words;- “The view that has been formed in our minds during our Christian upbringing was quickly turned on its head”.

The audacity of the two goes beyond the simple observation HOW ON EARTH DARE THEY ASSERT CHRISTIAN UPBRINGING when in fact referring to the Old Testament vile (>anagram of evil<) scripts and scenarios most clearly the foundations for the Habiru / Hebrew / Judaic legacy IMPOSED on mankind by the criminals who sought and seek power over all and everything which the alleged creator of all and everything, through the creation of ‘the noble’ with fraudulent intentions introduced to mankind (>the Old Testament vile scripts and concocted scenarios<) in the 3rd century BC.

What of ‘parable’ one has to ask the craft-y authors of the concocted propositions woven around the Old Testament vile rubbish??? Parable, the word is Yet ANOTHER HELLENIC / GREEK WORD. Just another word >(two out of the three- words<) which the maligned and craft-y products of the Judeo-Masonic centres of learning including alleged enactments of ancient rituals, such as the ‘resurrection’ ploy used by the Freemasons, not as the resurrection of the evil spirit / soul’ but as the craft-y ill-educated Freemasons assert / justify in their work as ‘the resurrection of the ordinary into kingship’.

Anyone interested should look up the word ‘parable’  and after noting its Hellenic root > from ΠΑΡΑ &  ΒΟΛΗ < implying and pointing to ‘by’ and ‘aiming’, in other words aiming at something other than what Appeasr to be the scope / aim of the words / scenario related / spoken of.

Finally anyone genuinely concerned, not merely interested and curious, should note that IF the two HELLENIC WORDS USED by the maligned (ΑΝΘΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ) persons who have no reason and project none to hate the Hellenes / Greeks should note that on looking up the two words in their original context as used by the Hellenes, the person will recognise / realize that the two Freemasons got it all wrong and their explanation (exegesis) is not correct.

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  • The article should prompt any reader, who is genuinely interested in ‘the truth of the matter’ to seek and look up such material as one hears of or reads about, as in the instance at hand.
    As pointed in the earlier article published here: the authors shot themselves in the foot and as pointed out in the first article, founded and resting on their concocted propositions and promotions, through their work they came back with more than they bargained for.
    At enough, by way of introduction as to ‘the truth of the matter’ and the mentality of the indoctrinated and the conditioned who were, are and have been brainwashed by the successors of the creators and the followers of the alleged creator of all and everything as related by the creators of the very deity.
    The curious and the interested should simply consider the conclusions of the two authors (Knight & Lomas) in the matter of the vile scripts, scenarios and activities endorsed by the one and only IF NOT INSTIGATED BY THE VERY CREATION of fraudsters, recorded for grey matter users to consider when ‘studying the Old Testsment’.
    The interested and the concerned need only consider WHY THE RIVERS OF BLOOD when the followers of the third language necessitated, as it was, after the attempt to enhance the first language : Judaism failed, and another language was the end product : Christianity.
    The aforesaid did lead to the need to create another language, itself resting on the very original alphabet : Judaism, and the two authors in the instance at hand, assert Christian upbringing when in fact relating and referring to the unacceptable vile scenarios in the Old Testement. That element alone and their reckless contempt for the Hellenes, their civilisation and the language upon which all Western European langauges rest and are founded evince more than enough.
    Rivers of blood shed on and over the Holy Lands as all three languages promoters engaged in for centuries. Yet the promoters of all three languages, failing to use common sense and explain to the naive and the gullible who are conditoned and indoctrinated by the teachers of all three languages, conveniently failing to address the obvious. Such the failures of the two craft-y products of the Old Trestament and the Masonic rituals; they were caused to acknowledge as ‘the wise ones who set out to put muscles, meat and live organs on the skeleton they found in the family closet, not in some museum but in the Masonic Lodges they were and have been attending as seekers of explanantions to the rituals they were nurtured on and in, MOST DEFINITEY NOT AS PROMOTERS OF THE TRUTH BUT AS SUPPRESSORS OF IT.
    Access and consider some of the facts and the realities pointed to there, including the words of Her Professor Einstein.

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