Latest in the Hacking Fiasco – the corrupters, the corrupted, the deaf and the dumb

For over 39 years senior politicians in the United Kingdom were / are pointed to the arrogant and blunt abuse of the courts facilities for fraud aplenty.

For over 19 years Andrew Yiannides, the founder of human-rights (dot org, registered domain) has been pointing to alleged victim-challengers of the abused courts facilities to the most unacceptable of realities covered in the explicit and exclusive web-page / URL:

We relate above, and in the exclusive material at the above web-page, to dreamers and to charlatans who fell in love with the rampant fraud organised, ongoing and imposed on the taxpayers through abuse of the courts facilities. The aforesaid, with the blessings of alleged representatives of the electorate, of the taxpayers who are treated as serfs of the Middle Ages from within ALL allegedly civilised states, alleged Democratic States; at the very least by and from within all states that signed up to the European Convention for Human Rights (1948 and therafter).

The IMPOSED FRAUD, through the courts’, was partially acknowledged by ex Prime Minister Tony Blair QC through a letter received by Andrew Yiannides in July 1995, from the Spokes Person on Legal Affairs for the Opposition in the House of Commons, the Rt. Hon. Paul Boateng. The letter will be released in due course at and it will be dedicated to ALL ABUSERS of his time and the trust they all benefited from while their activities, their most convenient and MALIGNED DEFAULTS, also their parts in theatrical productions in the courts were the focus of his research and investigations, as of the days when the leaders / managers of the LIPS crowd-mob contacted him in 1992.

The above ‘timely and most convenient contact’, out of the blue and within days of the lodging of the explicit challenges (an appeal lodged at) to the abusers of the facilities of the courts, specifically Bow County Court. The appeal and ‘the partially stated facts and realities’ were attached to and born of the need to lodge the specific appeal, can and SHOULD BE ACCESSED, by all victims of the legal circles, of the police and of all abusers of the courts facilities, at

Visitors are invited to point all of their contacts to the realities we point to and expose at human-rights in the public domain; in particular to the most clear of CONSPIRACIES between the alleged representatives of the people (the taxpayers, the electorate, the sucker-serfs) and the abusers of judicial chair occupation.

The above URL points to an application that was lodged at the Royal Courts of Justice, for and in respect of AN ACTION that HAD BEEN STRUCK OUT. The aforesaid application, without first applying to court to re-instate the action back to the court’s list, not even an application for a review of the order striking out the relevant case / action. In other words an application simply intended and used for false records and FOR ADDITIONAL COSTS ORDERS, after the star of the scripts and scenarios, benefited aleady for a consideration of a claim lodged at the European Court for Human Rights.

Evidence is pointed to in the above web-page / URL, establishing the facts related above, as to the parts of the alleged victim-challenger who was introduced to Andrew Yiannides (as with many others) by the dreamers and charlatans who organise(d) and manage(d) the victims of the legal system and other public services / servants; victims who join the LIPS crowd-mob and other fasle fronts, operating in similar fashion and manner. The letter from the solicitors we point to from the URL below:-
Qualifies and clarifies the parts of the dreamer who fell in love with and adopted the organised fraud, ON THE TAXPAYERS imposed, through abuse of the courts facilities, as his way and area of activities, operating in tandem with the many we expose in other pages at the above website / URL.

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1 comment to Latest in the Hacking Fiasco – the corrupters, the corrupted, the deaf and the dumb

  • Amazingly it would appear that the deaf and dumb are also blind!!!
    It is possible, however, that the many who are not physically blind they are illiterate and not able to read!!! [Refer to the 1st URL below].
    It is also possible that if anyone was to explain to them the implications in law, >as indeed I did my best to do, to all who contacted me over the last 20 years, not forgetting those who were sent along to play at their evil games with my rights, one and all were / are NOT ABLE TO COMPREHEND the legal issues attached to their hypocritical ways. [Refer to the 2nd URL below].
    The evil malice such persons nurture within them, specifically towards anyone who objects to the CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS >plural intendedadvancement, through fraud, at the expense of the manythe sheeple who love and abide by the states created for PSEUDOdemocraciesas alleged humans< their love of the fraud ongoing through abuse of the courts facilities when one explains to them that the criminal activities ongoing in and through the courts WERE & ARE FULLY INTENDED TO CORRUPT the wronged victims, care of the arrangements for REWARDS TO THE MENTALLY BLIND, DEAF & DUMB, the corrupted who endorse and accept the REWARDS UNDER THE TERMS PUT TO THEM through the European Court of Human Rights. [Refer to the 4th URL below]

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