Many the readers of last month’s revelations article who admitted the realities pointed to were informative and prompted interest in the subject matter.

Copy-pasted below email submissions in response to a visitor-reader of the article and the material facts no one can ever change. By necessity the email is released here in order to draw attention to the realities and, more specifically, to the evidence published and pointed to for years at:-

COPY follows:-

Thank you for considering the material at

Rest assured that everything is not SIMPLY TRUE & FACTUAL, because historical records & events support it all. DO NOT OVERLOOK THE FACT THAT WHAT IS RELATED HAPPENS TO BE BACKED with the essential evidence, part of which is accessible / available at

Should you care to access the last article at Justice Raped you will note that I refer to ‘the alphabet’ from which the different languages > tongues <. If you are NOT familiar with the original language from the creators of it all, consider tha IT DID LEAD TO MOST ‘if not all of the tribulations mankind has been subjected to over the last 2300 years’.

DO access the most clear of hints to grey matter users > to THINKERS < to TRUE HUMANS. I HAVE BEEN POINTING TO THE EXTRACT from the original language FROM THE MOST VILE OF WORKS EVER, at:

READ  the material from where the above URL takes one at the relevant page. DO CONSIDER the introduction (from the creator of the web-site) to the extract from the specific work, AND AFTER you have read the extract from the original ‘tongue / language‘ PLEASE REFLECT / THINK / DO CONSIDER, PLEASE, the simple fact that THE AUTHOR / creator / researcher of ‘the tribulations mankind has been and IS BEING SUBJECTED TO by the successors & the followers of the >teachings from the original language< used a specific case from REAL LIFE, questionable and downright CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES ongoing in the United Kingdom, through the abused courts facilities.

I REPEAT : ‘DO CONSIDER THE FACT THAT THE AUTHOR  USED the case of the woman who set out to provide for her ailing / dying father (and her mother) and consider what mankind was being told:- ‘WHAT the sons of men were >doing TOGETHER< and they were achieving much….. until the one and only came down to earth with others (?)….  THEN CONSIDER WHAT THE FOLLOWERS OF SUCH TEACHINGS (look at and consider what one of the symbols for the coat of arms for the city of Plymouth, represents).  Do CONSIDER the REALITY that ‘the craft-y victim hailed from and lived in the very city and consider the fact that SHE WAS a Standard (flag) Bearer in official parades, AND SHE WAS VERY CLOSE to / with many from within the naval base there).

DO NOT OVERLOOK the fact that followers and promoters of the ORIGINAL VILE WORK and the alphabet used / from which the original scripts, scenarios and teachings such as >>>THE SPECIFIC EXAMPLE STATED IN & COPIED FROM THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGE…. USING THE ORIGINAL ALPHABET >>>pointed to by the author of the article at Justice Raped Dot Org AND THE PAGES you are pointed to, happen to be PROMOTED, also, by the secretive brotherhood, the Freemasons. In other words the Freemasons AS FOLLOWERS / PROMOTERS OF THE MOST VILE OF WORKS EVER TO HAVE BEEN MISREPRESENTED TO MANKIND for over 2300 years ADHERE TO & IMPOSE THE DIVIDE & MANIPULATE ‘the sons (I add ‘daughters too’) of men (and ‘women too’, I add) in order to IMPOSE THE VERY STATES the one and only mankind was being told by the creators of the original vile work came down to earth with his associates and affiliates TO CREATE & IMPOSE on the targeted AS MANKIND & THE CIVILISED HUMANS OF THE DAYS WERE TARGETED… and to these days subjected to

Access, please,  at the same website thereafter:-

& CONSIDER the realities pointed to in the page. DO CONSIDER the statue of ATLAS and the falsehoods created by the creators, by the followers and by the promoters of the original language > the vile work by FRAUDSTERS & CRIMINALS< whose successors, their affiliates, their associates as followers of the original teachings CREATED ANOTHER two languages from the very same alphabet >>> the very same foundations, about the very same personalities >THE SAME CAST< for the sequels to the original.

The example of the real life case chosen (by the creator of the web-page / web-site) IS MORE THAN CLEAR. Consider therefore THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES ONGOING in the United Kingdom! Co-incidentally in the city of ‘the founding fathers’ from whence the departures to the New World >>>> to the Americas <<< for the creation, later, of the USA, and the intended base for the New World Order.

If the aforesaid (above) is not taken on board on first reading the material you are pointed to, CONSIDER the fact that YOU MUST READ THE MATERIAL WITH AN OPEN & FREE OF ANY OTHER PRECONCEPTIONS & OTHER RUSTY INFORMATION.

DO NOTE THAT THERE EXISTS more material >>>EVIDENCE<<< at the website you are pointed to and you should access the examples / the material at the website with an open mind. IF YOU ARE MINDED OR INTERESTED in more of the possible avenues YOU SHOULD ACCESS & CONSIDER, contact, the creator of the material  at: or to the and you will be pointed to more of the SUPPRESSED TRUTHS & REALITIES, some of which you are afforded the opportunity to access and CONSIDER AS A HUMAN, >>>as a thinker<<<, through this response to your enquiry.


Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS

Contributing articles at as ‘Diogenis’ searching for ‘humans 2400 years on.

As Andrew Yiannides at Facebook and Twitter, as * Yiandros – London – UK * on Skype.

6th May 2011


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