Revelations Command Recognition of the Realities

Two Freemasons went in search of the roots and foundations of the Brotherhood, as their contribution for promotion of it, as the all embracing keeper of past ‘gnosis’.

The two set out to establish something they were looking for and through their ‘research’ much more was revealed than the two intended. Persons interested in the secretive manifestations that intrigue newbies who are drawn to the Brotherhood, need to consider the fact that the two Freemasons stuck to the mainstay of the Brotherhood’s connection to and promotion of the work of the carft-y who created ‘the Old Testament’. The Freemasons, in fact more prolific promoters than the successors and the followers of all other derivatives of and from the original scripts, promoted as alleged Holy Scriptures ‘The Old Testament’.\

Readers must consider the extracts, below, in the light of such writings and promotions. No reader, no student who is likely to be concerned or interested in such matters can ignore or overlook the simple question : WHY the three languages: Judaism, Christianity, Islam (all three created using the same alphabet: foundations) responsible for the rivers of blood over the last 2000 years, and, WHY no version of the original creation (the Old Testament) in Hebrew, until after the hordes of sword brandishing armies of the third language (Islam) failed to conquer Christian Europe?:-

The extract, below, relates to the period when ‘the Jews’ were in Babylon (*). The reader has to look for other sources of information in order to consider ‘the findings and decisions of the two authors’, if in line with other recorded facts and expressed opinions from other sources. The extracts, below, are offered as material facts which the reader needs to consider alongside the article from the work of Sir Frederick Kennyon at:- Family.UK.Human-Rights.

Any underlined and or bold  text in the  extract is added for the puproses of this article.


Contrary to popular belief, the Jews (*) of this period were not monotheistic and even if they did hold Yahweh to be the special god of their nation, they would have worshipped Babylonian gods upon their enforced arrival in their new home. Then it was quite normal to show respect to the gods of an area one visited as a matter of prudence, because all deities were thought to be terrirotorial in their power. Yahweh’s zone of influence lay in Jerusalem and from all the evidence available it seems that even his strongest supporters never created a shrine to him (*) in the entire period of their captivity.

Whilst most of these Jews got on with life as it came to them, a small number of the deportees (*) were philosophical and fundamentalist priests from Solomon’s Temple who can only be described as ‘inspired people with a thwarted sense of destiny’, and they sought to rationalise the situation as best they could. It is now generally accepted that it was here during the Babylonian captivity, that most of the first five books of the Bible were written down in a passionate search for purpose and heritage. Using information about the beginning of time from their captors, the Jews were able to reconstruct the way that God had created the world and mankind, as well as gain details about later events such as the Flood.

The writings of these first Jews were a mixture of snippets of accurate historical fact, chunks of corrupted cultural memories and tribal myths, cemented together by their own original inventions generated wherever awkward gaps appeared in their history. It is obviously very deifficult to separate which bits are which, but modern scholars have become remarkably able in identifying probable truths and fictions, as well as breaking down authorship styles and influences. The broad stories have been analysed in depth by experts but, for us (*), it is the small pieces of oddball information that often provides some of the most powerful clues to origins.

We found the influence of both Sumer and Egypt in unexpected places. For instance, the figure of Jacob, the father of Joseph, should predate Epyptian influence, yet there are clear signs that those who wrote about him were themselves viewing the world long after the Exodus out of Egypt. In Genesis 28:18 we are told that Jacob erected a pillar to link Earth with Heaven at Bethel, some ten miles north of Jerusalem, and later in Genesis 31:45 he erected a second, possiby at Mizpath which was in the mountains of Galeed, east of the River Jordan. This identification of two pillars is strongly reminniscent of the theology that Moses had brought with him from the twin kingdoms of upper and lower Egypt. It is unlikely that either of the towns identified in the Bible existed in Jacob’s time and when one looks at the literal meaning of the names of those two towns it is clear that they were created to meet the requirements of the story. Bethel means’ God’s house’, suggesting a point of contact between the heavens and Earth, and Mizpah means ‘watchtower’, which is a point of protection from invasion.

Most Westerners today think of names as abstract labels and when a baby is expected, parents can buy a book of names from which to pick one they fancy. For most of history though, instead of being merely a pleasant or popular designation, names have conveyed important meanings. It is very significant to note that the late Semitic philosopher John Allegro discovered that the name Jacob stems directly from the Sumerian IA-A-GUB, meaning ‘pillar’ or more literally , ‘standing stone‘.

When writing down the history of their people the Hebrews (*) gave the key characters titles to communicate specific meanings which modern readers see simply as personal names. We believe that the authors of Genesis conveyed a great deal in calling this character ‘Jacob’, and when the script changes his name to ‘Israel’ (*), this signalled to the contemporary reader that the pillars of the new kingdom were in place and that the nation was ready to be given its own name. This was a necessary precursor to the establishment of true kingship.

The Prophet of the New Jerusalem

One of the strangest and yet most important figures in our reconstruction of the Babylonian exile was the prophet Ezekiel. His brooding, repetitive and often difficult writing style has caused many observers to conclude that this man must have been quite mad. Whether or not he existed and whether he was sane or totally schizophrenic does not really matter because the writings attributed to him, false or otherwise, provided the theology of Qumran, the people who were the Jerusalem church.  Ezekiel was the architect of the imaginary or idealised Temple of Yahweh, and we would argue that it was the most important of them all!

Many twentieth-century experts have concluded that these works were the output of several much later people, circa 230 BC onwards. This would place it close to the dating of the oldest ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ found at Qumran, thought to date from around 187 BC to AD 70. If this is the case it would not affect our thesis, serving only to confirm the already massive links between these writings and the Qumran Community, so for convenience we have assumed at this stage that the Book of Ezekiel was indeed written by one man whilst in captivity in Babylon.

The fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple were of massive significance to Ezekiel, who was a priest at the Temple and, one of the elite taken into exile in 597 BC. The weird visions that he had while in captivity are centred around these events. His wife died on the eve of the destruction of the Temple which, for the prophet, was a sign of great portent. However, the disaster in no way, surprised Ezekiel, who saw it as Yahweh’s punishment for Israel’s wicked and unworthy history stemming back to its pagan origins and the worshipping of Egyptian idols. The infidelity to Yahweh had continued right up to the time when God allowed Israel’s enemies to smite her. Despite all that Yahweh had done for His chosen people, Israel (the two kingdoms) had persisted in behaving in a rebellious, brazen and callous way, unmindful of her holy calling and covenantial bond. The Jews had disobeyed the divine laws and statutes and profaned holy things including the Temple itself – the Temple where His glory dwelt in the Holy of Holies. The destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple represented a death, whilst the expected new City, and the rebuilt Temple would be a ressurrection, a rebirth with the stain of guilt removed.

Ezekiel saw himself as the architect of the new Temple, one that would fulfil the promise and create a centrepiece for the nation that would be so pure and good, it would be ‘the kngdom of Heaven’ upon Earth. In his visions obscure allegory and symbolism abound with images of multi-faced men, lions, eagles and such odd items as iron baking plates. He flies through the air back to the Temple and undergoes strange rituals such as shaving off his hair and beard, dividing it into three parts by weighing it. One third of his hair and whiskers is burned, another cut to pieces by a sword and the last third is scattered to the winds. At this time a person’s hair represented their dignity, their strength and their power and it seems to us that this imagery must have been representational of the recent fate of the people of Judah and Israel.

A particularly interesting and important vision occured in November 591 BC when Ezekiel was sitting in his house near the grand canal in the city of Nippur in Mesopotamia (Sumer) with the visiting elders from Judah sitting in front of him. The elders (perhaps including the ex-king himself) had come to hear of any messages from Yahweh when the prophet fell into a trance and saw a man clothed in fire and light who put forth his hand seized him by the forelock and trasnported him back to the inner gate of the Temple. Ezekiel saw images of pagan worship to the gods Tammuz, Baal and Adonis (*) before being taken to a door of the court and commanded to dig a hole in the wall through which he saw a remarkable sight.

‘Through it he sees mural paintings containing pictures of “creeping things” and other mythological scenes, motifs which seem to point to syncetistic practices of Egyptian provenance. Seventy elders are engaged in secret mysteries with censers in their hands.”

The bold letters are ours because here we have the elders of Jerusalem (the very people sitting in front of the entranced Ezekiel) accused of possessing ‘secret mysteries’ of Egyptian origin and conducting private ceremonies in the Temple of Solomon. Ezekiel 8:12 tells that the ceremony was conducted in the dark, as in the moden Masonic Third Degree.

What woud the prophet have been referring to?

This part of the vision has never made much sense to Biblical Scholars, beyond the general and obvious message that the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem was believed to be due to lack of a pure relationship with Yahweh. The Egyptian element has never been explained, especially as it is clear from the vision that it was the elders themselves involved in these secret rites. The verse (Ezekiel 8:8) that introduces this particular vision tells of how the prophet was able to spy on the proceedings, and has some remarkable similarities to Genesis 49:6, which earlier we identified as referring to the failed plot of Joseph’s to get the secret’s of Seqenenre and the fact that the villains ‘digged down a wall’.

You wil recall that the verse in Genesis said:

‘O my soul, come not thou into their secret : unto their assembly, mine honour, be not thou united: for in their anger they slew a man, and in their self will they digged down a wall.’

The verse in Ezekiel appears to build directly on the circumstances of the failed attempt to get the secrets of king-making from Seqenenre Tao. It reads:

‘Then he said to me. Son of man, dig now in the wall: and when I had digged in the wall, behold a door.’

In Genesis there was a failure to gain the original secrets, but in Ezekiel’s vision he found a door and saw what was going on, but this time it was not in a temple at Thebes (*), with the original secrets, but in the Temple at Jerusalem with the substituted secrets. Ezekiel is outraged by the Egyptianesque images on the walls, naming the principal culprit as King Josiah, who in the middle of the previous century had had the Temple repaired and the walls redecorated.  The description sounds remarkably similar to the symbolism found on the walls and ceilings of a modern Masonic temple which are based on King Solomon’s Temple and, even today, most of the devices are undeniably Egyptian.

The ex-leaders of the kingdom of Judah who huddled in Ezekiel’s house in exile in Nippur were there for guidance from the holy man and he gave it. As we read and reread Ezekiel we could not believe how much sense this obscure book now made. Our excitement mounted as it became clear that we had found a major link in our reconstructed chain of events, linking Seqenenre to the Qumran Community. The message that the prophet was putting to the exiled elders concerned their own secret ceremony that had come down to them through the line of David from Moses. The essence of the prophet’s message was….

QUOTE ends

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