Read of the products reared & created by the fraudsters in control of a PSEUDOdemocracy

Access and read of ‘The antics of the LIPS crowd/mob. The foul of the law activities of many of them, for years, surfaced through the conduct of the meeting in London in November 1999.
Johan Michael Richard Foenander referred to the meeting in his telephone exchanges with Norman Scarth, which exchanges he recorded. Access from here (the passage in the actual web-page) the transcript and marvel at the creative performance of a typical product of ‘the society that reared him and his associates / affiliates.
As a typical hypocrite, sycophant, convert-to and lover of the rampant fraud… DO ACCESS and read of the realities friends…. WAKE UP for your successors / children’s sake, ACT… cease being passive / drugged bystanders:-

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  • Fascinating blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple adjustements would really make my blog jump out. Please let me know where you got your design. Bless you

  • Dear Alane

    Access and read the extract from the work of Isocrates : ‘Areopagiticos’ at:
    Consider the very element, specifically to MY REFERENCE to such persons, as the products / the ‘shitizens’ exposed at

    CONSIDER the many who benefited from much as in the case of Mr William Spring, to whom the explicit reminder, by email and clear submissions. Consider the simple fact that the victim was sent along to the founder of AFTER HE (Mr W Spring and his siblings) HAD BEEN SUBJECTED TO THE USUAL CONVERSION OF ASSETS, TARGETED, by abusers of the courts facilities for conversion to allegedly legitimate legal costs; all, be it, alleged to be Honourable Officers of the Supreme Court in the United Kingdom, one of the allegedly civilised states / societies resting and founded on alleged principles of law and order.

    Do access, also, :-
    Consider what the fraud of an alleged victim of the abused courts facilities HAD BEEN SUBJECTED TO. Three properties had been / were in the process of being converted to allegedly legitimate legal costs / legal charges through fraudulent court proceedings, VIA ARROGANTLY ORGANISED CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS in the usual manner. Conasider also what the victim set out to do -for her parents- and WHAT THE ABUSERS OF TRUST & THE COURTS FACILITIES engaged in and imposed on the ‘caring daughter’ and YOU MIGHT PERHAPS realise why I am pointing to THE EXPLICIT EXTRACT (in the page) FROM THE Old Testament, alleged Holy Scriptures, most definitely created by criminals under specific circumstances about 2300 years ago.

    The reason WHY HER CASE (a woman victim of the divorce industry) WAS USED as the perfect case where / when the foundations for the DIVIDE & MANIPULATE ploy, was ideal for using the case as the introduction at the very paragraph / page where the above URL links to directly, qualifies).

    She SOUGHT ASSISTANCE from, yours truly, the founder of but AFTER ONE READS of HER PARTS > as the material facts related at the paragarph, where the above link takes one, ONE SHOULD RECOGNISE THAT THE LOUSY ACTRESS WAS USING / PROJECTING (her aims) IN ANOTHER TONGUE than the one the stooge was SPEAKING IN & WITH. She was but a lousy actress, JUST ANOTHER PRODUCT OF THE SOCIETY / state and the imposed on her states that created her and create such morons, non-thinkers, non-humans, simply programmed robots and conditioned fraudsters, corrupted idiots.

    She, too, Mrs Veronica Beryl Foden, had been sent along by the managers and organisers of the False Front known and promoted as the Litigants In Person Society. THE ALLEGED VICTIM was simply noted to have been party to CRIMINAL IN ESSENCE ATTEMPTS THROUGH WHICH THE LOUSY ACTRSESS UNDERTOOK, BUT FAILED, to bring about states and conditions through which to discredit me, the founder of human-rights dot org.

    1. During the first court hearing although she was benefiting from my assistance she was recklessly failing to challenge & point to the judge, preciding, that a particular document relied upon (in earlier hearings) was a blunt FORGERY and the police themselves HAD ESTABLISHED the very issue >>>>THE ELEMENT OF CRIME WARRANTED PROSECUTION but THE POLICE, as usual, FAILED TO EXECUTE THEIR PUBLIC DUTIES, as the law commanded of their retainers, as alleged servants of the law and officers of Justice.
    2. She FAILED TO APPLY FOR (in the first instance as directed by the person who was assiting her on the day) AND THEREAFTER SHE CARRIED ON FAILING (for months) TO SECURE A TRANSCRIPT OF THE JUDGEMENT, as delivered by the abuser of judicial chair occupation. (Do NOTE that an important element from the judgement which the lousy actress & fraud of an alleged human, eventually secured, makes the judge’s intentions and his parts in the ORGANISED FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS VERY CLEAR).
    3. She engaged in behind the scenes arrangements (with others) resting and founded on two court applications FOR WHICH SHE WAS RESPONSIBLE and from which, she was to benefit -eventually- for and from her parts in the scenarios she was enacting as a used stooge and or as a programmed robot / as a conditioned moron. The applications constituting the means, AS INTENDED, TO BENEFIT FROM COSTS CHARGES (care of abusers of the courts facilities) FOR WHICH SHE & HER AFFILIATES were to blame the person she had NOT INFORMED OF HER SPECIFIC (wily) APPLICATIONS AS THE FRAUD OF AN ALLEGED VICTIM OF THE ABUSED COURTS ACILITIES she had been the victim of initially, and later engaged in AS A FRAUDSTERS-CLUB-RECRUIT and a typical specimen of ‘the shitizens’ created by the society / the state that rears such specimens of the human species in an allegedly civilised society, a typical PSEUDOdemocracy, where the taxpayers are kept in the dark by the powermongers, the abductors and rapists of both Democracy & Justice.
    4. When the cost charges she ‘conveniently incurred’ AS A USED & GUIDED -by others- STOOGE, the fraud of an alleged human (non human / non-thinker) WAS EXPOSED AS A DREAMER WHO WAS COLLABORATING, WITH OTHERS, FOR THE INTENDED ‘blame the person one and ALL TARGETED COLLECTIVELY’; in other words, ‘yours truly’, the founder of
    5. In fact when she was faced with bankruptcy proceedings, she had been served with, later, SHE WAS RELYING ON OTHER DREAMERS (who had been and were party to the scenarios ‘scripted’ by the organised fraudsters who arranged the consecutive constructive frauds) TO OBSTRUCT THE TARGETED (yours truly) FROM ATTENDING THE BANKRUPTCY PROCEEDINGS. One of the others, even physically assaulted the targeted -yours truly- after deploying all manner of delaying the departure of the targeted from the North -Bradford- to travel down South-West to Plymouth.

    Of such realities and realisations the work / research FOR Human Rights Dot Org as intended by yours truly, in order to EXPOSE & CHALLENGE THE STATES IMPOSED on the sucker-serfs in PSEUDOdemocracies. Of such activities the alleged victim-challenger who was NOTED TO BE PARTY TO & MOST DEFINITELY NOT A VICTIM OF, AS SHE WAS ASSERTING (and others were creating official records : the court judgements, for instance) YET PARTY TO THE INTENDED TRANSFER OF THE TARGETED ASSETS & THE CONSUEQUENTIAL THEFT FROM & TRANSFER OF TAXPAYERS CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE TREASURY FOR THE REWARDS SHE WAS TO MERIT AS A CLOOABORATING ‘Fraudsters-Club-Recruit’.

    All and everything intended to lead to THE REWARD she was to benefit from at the end of the day. All and everything care of the abused courts facilities, through the arrangements covered in the web-page / URL:-

    The evidence pointed to at the above URL makes it abundantly clear that SUCH PERSONS AS THE ALLEGED VICTIM EXPOSED IN THE EXPLICIT WEB-PAGE, as in other pages at other lovers of the fraudulent court activities are named and exposed, care of the warranted research and investigations over the last 39 years, leading to the creation of the work in the public domain.

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