WHAT DEMOCRACY, naive suckers?

Extract, below, from one of many letters to ex Prime Minister Tony Blair some 4 years after the leader of the Opposition, in 1995, through the Spokes-Person (for the Opposition) on Legal Affairs in the House of Commons, acknowledged the burning issue of FRAUD IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM*.

The official letter from the Opposition, in 1995, was received in response to ongoing submissions resting and founded on the organised fraud imposed through the courts as created by the legal circles and abusers of public office, including judicial chair occupants.

The fraud referred to here is imposed on the targeted sucker-serfs, >on the taxpayers< who are kept in the dark by the creators of the abused facilities within all PSEUDOdemocracies, such as the United Kingdom, ‘the mother’ of all allegedly civilised ‘parliamentary democracies’ is alleged to be.

The quote below is from a letter attached to substantial submissions to the Prime Minister in 1999:-
“I believe that New Labour will deliver us from the wrongs we have been suffering for far too long. Use of our resources in terms of human potential and capabilities, can, and should be channelled though rights, not wrongs; through positives, not through negatives. It is our produce and ingenuity we can sell to others, not the minefields of corrupt and bankrupt public services”.

Reader, thinker, ‘human’ do consider the above words and ponder for a moment on the encouraged and instigated warmongering ongoing in targeted states, countries, regions of ‘planet earth’ at the present time.

Do consider the simple fact that there existed and subsist ‘plans for mankind’ which the very fraudsters who created the alphabet that I wrote of and about not long ago in these pages, DID PUT ON RECORD. They did write of that which was to be, that which was to happen in the future; do recognize, however, that it never was a case of concocted prophecies, such as they wrote of in their vile creation, the Old Testament rubbish.

IT WAS, IT HAS BEEN & IT IS A CASE of ‘the plans of the very evil circles, the successors to and the followers of the teachings by examples stated -hints- as parts of the relentless creation of fraudsters, concocted by seasoned criminals.

Access, read what you are pointed to, and WAKE UP, because the burden of challenging the abusers of trust in a true Democracy rests on the shoulders of those who know of and recognize what is afoot, to CHALLENGE the wrongdoers and at the same time inform the others who are kept in the dark by the media, by the Intellectual Prostitutes whom the Media Barons retain and maintain ‘simply to misinform and lie* [*Link] to the sheeple’ just as the lovers and promoters-users of the system of operations do, for pecuniary advantage -share of the spoils of crime- as we cover in our pages, especially the page where we spell it all as clearly as the evidence we point to establishes without any room for doubt at:-

All victims and concerned taxpayers are urged to access the page where ‘a letter received from one of the fallen ‘angels’, was used to create the webpage we point to [*Link] because of the obvious which the fallen angel’s convenient breaches of trust and ‘the attempts to impose his plans for the sucker-serfs as arranged with the gurus guiding and using the conditioned victims of the courts and the legal circles; all and everything for expansion of the system of operations in the United Kingdom, as in other PSEUDO-democracies ongoing.

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  • This is definitely a nice subject. In our part of activities, medical care, we have to do some good soul searching review, as yours.

  • Thank you spending your time to research the issues you address / speak of and about here. I am body and soul greatly interested in studying and searching for anything to do with this topic. If in the future, when you have more know-how, more thoughts to bring up-to-date your web-pages which have a good deal of far reaching stuff I will there taking it all in. This really has been most beneficial to me and to my family.
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    • Friend thank you for the considerations.
      For a person who accessed just about every article here at Justice Raped, and failed to consider the serious issues born of and attached to ORGANISED FRAUD on the taxpayers, as arranged by abuses of trust >the legal circles : solicitors and barristers, endorsed and processed by judicial chair occupants, >as WE POINT TO, care of the long ongoing research and investigations by Andrew Yiannides (the founder of YOU SURE LEAVE A VERY BAD TASTE in the mouth of any taxpayer, who can use grey matter, human brain.
      Your failures suggest one of two things:-
      1. You are, by some miracle, either exempt from paying any direct taxes
      2. You are as thick as they come.
      There is, also the other possibility : You are just another dreamer who has been sold to the system of operations : THE RAMPANT FRAUD IMPOSED ON THE TAX-PAYERS that leads to THE CORRUPTION OF MORONS, as the case was and remains with the many who were introduced to Andrew Yiannides by the LIPS crowd mob, also the many others who, of their own, contacted him in order to seek and benefit from assistance.
      We point and refer above to all of the persons who received the explicit request to complete and return the SPECIFIC ISSUE SUBMISSIONS attached to the right to record court hearings and thereby benefit from unadulterated and unedited TRUE RECORDS OF COURT HEARINGS.
      Refer to the specific web-page Andrew Yiannides created and published at:-
      NOTE that all is founded and rests on the convenient failures of the maligned, vile and evil mentality of persons who fell in love with the REWARDS to morons who succumb to temptation and accept STOLEN FUNDS AFTER ENDORSING THE TERMS OF THE REWARDS ON OFFER following submission of their complaints to the European Court of Human Rights.
      Do access the documented records and evidence relative to the above REALITIES published at:-
      THEREAT LAND ON SOLID GROUND >cease dreaming<....'friend'.

  • What do you think about adding social media to your blog? I saw (noted that) you have some (mention of) social mentions but not a lot. (I) Was wondering what your reasoning (is) behind this is (failure!). I write about used xxxx xxxxx as at >>>irrelevant pointer to other issues NOT related to the matters raised and in the article REMOVED< <<

    • Point ONE >The serious issues we cover friend are NOT TOUCHED by the media Barons and the Intellectual Prostitutes they retain TO SUPPRESS SUCH ISSUES, as we cover.
      Point TWO >This website was and is not a platform for entertainment BUT A PLATFORM FOR THE AIRING & PRESENTATION OF SERIOUS ISSUES resting and founded on breaches and violations of law.
      You should consider the above friend as the cornerstone upon which the building f the material you read and appear to have ignored as if of no consequence to you….. as if you never paid any taxes!!!!!
      For a person who has ignored the obvious you are in no position to make any suggestions a true human >THINKER< might consider taking on board.

  • >>>LINK to commercial interests and promotions REMOVED< <<
    Okay post, but not the best Ive seen exactly. You should step it up or >…. REMOVED …< will eat your position.

    • The person who asserts approval of the article fails to refer to ANY ELEMENT COVERED BY / IN THE ARTICLE. The very person care of two attempts to promote other INTERESTS ALIEN TO THE SUBJECT MATTER OF THE ARTICLE….. to which the visitor / reader re-ACTED as the visitor(yes) reader proper(most emphatically NO)

  • The ongoing high level and government promotions about concerns attached to the News International fiasco, the telphone hacking many engaged in and the shutting down of ‘The News of the World’ Sunday newspaper by Rupert Murdoch, call for additional input here.
    On Wednesday 6th July 2011, the London Evening Standar on page 10 came up with an article by Tom Harper >> “Taxpayers’ £10m settles claims against councils and hospitals.
    The following day, 7th July 2011 Andrew Yiannides spoke on the telephone to Mr Harper, and pointed out the failures of his colleagues, for years, to address the issue of the cash under the table culture pointed to and exposed at http://www.human
    FOR YEARS, and the dust in your eyes sucker-serfs as covered in the article he penned, Mr Harper was informed. He was told that the article amounted to peanuts for monkeys, nothing, when one recognised the element of ORGHANISED FRAUD on the taxpayers, his article amounted to a typical ‘DUST IN YOUR EYES, SUCKERS”.
    Mr Harper expressed an interest in what he was hearing and an email with the subject “The CONFIDENTIAL cash under the table culture” was thereat posted to ‘the reporter’, whose services to the puppeteers take precedence to the alleged interests of ‘the public just as his editor’s commitments too, to ‘the long existing plans for the targeted ‘sons of men’ as covered and pointed to at:-
    Guess what reader / visitor?
    NO INTEREST… NO RESPONSE…. SILENCE as has been the case for years.
    By Diogenis >>>searching for ‘humans’ >THINKERS< 2400 years on.<<<

  • No prizes on offer for anyone who could / can guess how many reporters, newspaper editors and in general ANYONE FROM WITHIN THE MEDIA took any interest in THE BURNING ISSUE, of ‘Fraud In The Legal System’ when initially and whenever thereafter the acknowledgment, by two barristers and high profile politicians was referred to each and everyone Andrew Yiannides contacted, as of July 1995.
    To these days, almost 16 years on there have been many, hundreds of ‘alleged victim-challengers’ of the abused courts fcailities who abused MY TIME & THE GOODWILL they were benefiting from while I was observing and studying their conduct and behaviour.
    One and all proved to have been PERFECT SPECIMENS OF THE SOCIETY / THE STATES that created and create such SHITIZENS<<>> INCLUDING HOW THEIR CREATION, the God of the Old Testament PROTECTED THE CRIMES of his chosen ones… when he himslef was not instigating the crimes / directing his chosen ones to engage in criminal acts.

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