Communication to a product of the society that reared the recipient as organised by the criminals in control of PSEUDOdemocracies.

JUSTICE DENIED to the victims of crime is the worst crime of all and the provisions of Parliament on Torment and Torture (T&T) are very clear. Contempt of the Law by judicial chair occupants indicates intent on their part* [*Link to proof] with the police and Ministers / Members of Parliament recklessly ignoring the arrogance of abusers of public office. IT IS PRACTICES THAT COUNT -not waffle, nor false assertions & promises; the offenders and the state itself must account to the taxpayers / to the electorate for THE BLUNT & ARROGANT CRIMINAL ACTS by alleged protectors of society. We point to, and briefly cover THE FUNDAMENTAL PROVISIONS ESSENTIAL FOR TRULY DEMOCRATIC STATES OF GOVERNANCE. *THE RIGHTS ASSURED TO THE CITIZENS & THE CITIZENS OBLIGATIONS, as presented by three authorities on law, can be accessed from here* [*Link].

Justice paraded blind, deaf and dumb in our courts care of pre-scripted theatrical productions & scenarios for and with one aim only in mind : ‘the creation and imposition of legal costs charges / illicit benefits to, for and by the legal circles. Simply put, Justice raped daily by her captors.

Read and consider the issues raised in The CAMILA Project pages we publish at this web site and consider the issues and the part you could play in a true Democracy. Follow developments at this web site and consider our challenges, also the law we pointed to in the matter of the Stephen Lawrence affair* [*Link]. Recognise why the authorities no longer could ignore ‘The LAW’. Appreciate why the New Labour government took it on board through the Rt. Hon. Jack Straw, who, as Home Secretary acted as he had promised to the family of that fine young man.

To William Spring, 5th January 2007


You received the email pointing to the page that proves much. Affidavit, exhibits, letters to responsible Ministers, etc.

Within three days and the shift in the search engine (website access reports) is to named individuals, parties and elements covered in the affidavit. Top of the list, for weeks, /confraud.htm & /haringey.htm DOWN but still in the top ten the media page, the Beryl Foden page and searches for material on police & Haringey, police & their policies / practices,

Years ahead of ‘our times’, in 1992, I proposed certain actions be taken by the victims of organised fraud through the courts and the ‘managers of the courts / of the legal system’. At the time the mastermind (behind the manager of the LIPS crowd/mob) must have agreed to the propositions and so I am entitled to believe because the front man agreed, he and others endorsed the idea. (*F11)

Equipment was bought, by me, for the proposed production of OUR OWN Documentaries. At the time I made it clear that IF our own TV programmers WERE TO FAIL to screen the real life stories, as part of their public duties to inform the tax-paying public (of the organised ‘crimes the serfs suffer / benefit from’), we should send the documentaries to the Libyan, to the Iraqi, to the Iranian, to the Russian, to the Chinese to the Cuban TV programme planners, for their world events reporting sections to screen, in order to afford the allegedly anti-democratic’ states (in accordance with YOUR CHOICE of pseudodemocracy proclamations) to inform their citizens what YOU & OTHER LOVERS OF THE SYSTEM AS IS, HAVE BEEN WORKING FOR & set about to impose on me and the children I was instrumental in bringing into YOUR WORLD, the N.W.O you set out to impose on others while allegedly challenging the master-minds, controllers and managers of it all. Photographs of the equipment will now be released in the pages with particulars by way of EXTENSION to the proof of posting cards and the INVITATIONS in 1997. in respect of the right to record hearings in conformity with the principle:- *Justice to be seen to be done* & NOT AS WORKED & FOUGHT FOR (tooth and nail by fraudsters club recruits – false fronts as the proof of posting -cards EXPOSE such persons to the world communities, to have been and ARE).

The evidence that PERSONS OF THE LIPS crowd/mob mentality failed to respond and did not contribute ‘one jot’ (jot from the Greek ‘one iota’ the simplest letter of the alphabet, a mere vertical line, if only you knew what that little line represented and represents) suffices for humans / thinkers, the world jury to work things out.

We both know that they all acted so (defaulted, failed, ignored the principle being raised, etc.) AS LOVERS OF THE SYSTEM AS IS. We both know that they were and ARE WORKING very hard to maintain, to use and to personally benefit from the constructive frauds through the courts that ARE exposed at:- 1 & Most offensive of their fraudulent intentions:- ‘they carried on with their parts in seeking TO IMPOSE ON THE REST OF US, their kind of society’.

I request that you access the page: 2 & Note which parties, what sort of persons engaged in the furtherance of the constructive frauds instigated by the criminals who organise and are in command, in control of YOUR KIND OF SOCIETY, the society you set about with intentions to impose on the two children born of the used Eve that I married in a Christian Orthodox ceremony and not before some fraud of an alleged public servant. William, I HAD MY OWN PLANS for the evil-mongers and their fraudulent in intent creations; such as the marriage certificates from / by fraudsters. Certificates for use and towards the plans for ‘the sons of men’, by the fraudsters (other alleged servants of the public and the law) as the letter to the accountant covers and exposes.

Another affidavit, published at the web-site covers the elements and the FALSE STATES which public servants created (including false records) in order to lead to what was planned for the agitator whom YOU, TOO, set about to obstruct and mess about with, as a lover of the system as is, just a promoter and contributor towards the imposition of the New World Order, through reckless and inexcusable obstructions plus interference in my work, while projecting, to many, your alleged concerns for the very states.

Just in case (like the rest of the fraudsters-club-recruits and their affiliates) you have been waiting for that which was planned for me and so far executed meticulously with the best of contributions from alleged victims of the system (including the attempts to create fictitious income, care of:-

A. Mr. Nicholas Stamoulakatos who even created a business name & bank account for such plans, WITHOUT ANY REFERENCE TO ME and he used my residential address for his part in such evil machinations. (*most important Footnote *F12)

B. Marisa Sarda & Patrick Cullinane, both of whom engaged in a scenario intended to put on record FALSE STATES BEHIND MY BACK. Relevant communications were released in the public domain as part of THE EXPOSURES THAT COVER ORGANISED CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES AS DIRECTED & INSTIGATED THROUGH THE MANAGERS & CONTROLLERS OF THE SERFS and ‘the robots’ who are programmed through the type of criminal activities you WERE (initially) the victim of. Such stooges and hypocrites TURNING TO LOVERS OF IT ALL & ARDENT PROMOTERS / USERS who have fun while abusing the time of persons like me, to no end without so much as a hint of the Christian principles you exhibited for and in respect of the canauk* activities. [*Link from here to the page where we publish the communications Patrick Cullinane and Marisa Sarda engaged in, fully intending through their activities to create false records and states in respect of alleged earnings by Mr Andrew Yiannides, hence the reasons why Mr Cullinane was failing to give a copy of the letter / fax he received from Ms. Marisa Sarda].

C. Among the stooges, an alleged doctor who contacted me, allegedly because of her concerns about her daughter who, she was asserting, might be taking her own life like my niece! And her expressed concerns, because her daughter’s one and only true love, her soul-mate, broke off their relationship. AND THE ALLEGED DOCTOR wished to ‘retain my services’ to save her daughter. Some idiotic ploy by a stooge and actress who was sent along, directed to contact me at human-rights in order to create such STUPID STATES, about me, (*retainers ?*) as others indulged namely Ms. Marisa Sarda & Patrick Cullinane -recognised victim-converts-to & promoters of the facilities in place for the corruption of conditioned morons. (*F6)

D. The activities of the alleged human-rights fighter, Nicholas Stamoulakatos, who (years on) attempted to suck me in…., when he set about creating false records about his proposed (arranged by him) claim for damages against the insurers of the Society of Lawyers in England & Wales. And the claim? Simply for damages, allegedly suffered by the members of the ILfHRoUN because of HIS negligence!!!. And as if that was not enough, in spite of making it clear, to him and his secretary that as far as I was concerned, I did not wish to know of any of it OR what the members of the ILfHRoUN were allegedly complaining about. Nonetheless he had his stooge / secretary (him drafting, settling and creating an affidavit) communicating to me his ‘dream states’ for alleged liabilities to me in respect of *fictitious services by me running into thousands of pounds, sterling (*F5). & Because I soon put an end to his attempts to implicate my name and existence in such states and fictitious / false records – creating – exercises his unacceptable scenarios and his fictitious states, he even had the audacity to write to Edmonton County Court, specifically, to one of the judges WE ARE EXPOSING in our pages about his (the judge’s) parts in the constructive frauds industry through abuse of the courts facilities.

One need not be a genius to recognise WHY SO MANY attempts, by so many stooges and ‘fraudsters club recruits’, to create false states and records, when / after one reads the letter to the Accountant (*F7) we publish in our pages. One need simply consider the fact that the accountant was a conscious party to a blunt & fraudulent invitation by the Inspector of Taxes for another scenario than THE RIGHTS IN LAW COMMANDED & PROVIDED FOR IN THE CIRCUMSTANCES THE ACCOUNTANT WAS RETAINED TO ACT FOR, AND ON BEHALF OF THE CLIENT. One should take on board the fact that the client had been subjected to fraudulent court activities by solicitors, barristers and abusers of judicial chair occupation, brief details of which are related / stated in the page .org/courts.htm.

Of such activities, by alleged victims of the legal circles’, of the courts, of the legal system’ the vile attempts TO CREATE FALSE RECORDS, for the criminals within the Inland Revenue to use as their escape route for allegedly not declaring income.

I need only add that the Inland Revenue fraudsters, were not content to OFFER THEIR SERVICES to the criminals who abused the courts facilities for constructive frauds against me (in contempt of the law and the precedent case / ruling that I have been pointing to for years. Refer to the page /lawcompi.htm & note that it (the case) moved on to the House of Lords from the Court of Appeal and thus ‘the improprieties / illegalities’ benefited from ‘the right position in law, AS FAR AS OUR COURTS DETERMINED. The very criminals (Inland Revenue & Judicial chair occupants) who were seeking IMPOSITION for alleged tax liabilities in respect of DECLARED BUT NOT RECEIVED EARNINGS, went further and placed a charge on a property of mine at the Land Registry without anyone referring such liberties to me.

Wake up William, because while one and all from within the LIPS crowd/mob were and have been relying on their guru(s) and the criminals in control of the courts to entertain them in ‘their beehives of destruction of societies and morals’ I was busy at it, collating my evidence about the parts of such evil persons and the fraudsters club recruits, as YOU GOT TO KNOW OF ME REFERRING TO THEM, AS INDEED THEY ARE’.

Another affidavit at the web-site, was DELIBERATELY DELAYED & denied to me, for years, by a witness to events the deponent witnessed at the Land Registry, was published in the public domain FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. The criminals whose agents and tutored / guided stooges failed to create the false records in respect of alleged income. They MAY HAVE USED a naive Eve care of the inexcusable and unjustified charge on MY property. They may have imposed an illegitimate divorce on me through abuse of the courts’ facilities and worse IN CONTEMPT OF THE RULES ON DUE PROCESS (when in compliance with applicable law) and they may have imposed on me the break up of the family I created and maintained for years.

BUT, I WILL BE USING THE LAW AS IT APPLIES, in the public domain and not simply through the type of scripts and scenarios in which alleged legal gurus partake through theatrical productions (as sixth grade actors) before 10th rate directors of the shows that simply are intended to lead to the cash under the table (the arrangements in place for the free-for-all that YOU KNOW OF & ABOUT) and as the case was when l challenged a District Judge to stand down because she was acting in contempt of the law. The transcript of THAT THEATRICAL PRODUCTION has been released in the public domain in order that the fraudsters clubs recruits who are promoted by the likes of the puke production machine, James Todd, of VOMIT repute (and some of the media IPs) should be seen in the light of realities and TRUTH OF THE MATTER ACTIVITIES THEY ENGAGE IN.

I suggest that you look up the page: 2. & Consider the implications arising out of the House of Lords ruling (in the page) relevant to ‘immaterial time or date of the wrong-doing’. Then cross relate the fraudulent activities in which the legal circles engaged in, decades ago’, for the fraudulent conversion of targeted assets, to themselves, all at my expense, and to hell (their hell) with Justice.

Just in case any guru in the background seeks to downgrade the importance of THAT precedent case ruling (relative to the kind of criminal activities that YOU TOO SET ABOUT TO BURY with the rest of the lovers and promoters of the system as is, I now inform you that WHEN (soon) I release the extract from my mother’s Will, I will be pointing to INTERNATIONAL ASSURED GUARANTEES by the United Kingdom government at the time of the signing of the London & Zurich Agreements, in respect of Cyprus and the citizens of Cyprus, all of its citizens.

I am only hinting, above, at my mother’s (and her successors) rights for access to her family hereditary properties, in the District of Kyrenia, at Karavas on the North coast of Cyprus. I will be pointing to the parts played by successive United Kingdom governments for and towards ‘the resurrection of a phoenix that was burned to ashes, as recorded in history to have been created by the Romans in the Middle East almost 2000 years ago.

I return to what was arranged for me, by the criminals who are in control in a pseudodemocracy, thanks to the type of alleged citizens that are exposed at I refer to persons who allegedly were / are have been acting as alleged servants of the public. I refer to the additional AND THE CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES care of the involvement of other alleged servants of the public, AFTER the creation and use of the forgery, by the CREATORS, the PROMOTERS & USERS OF IT FOR THE CREATION OF THE SOCIETY YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH.

Your exhibited mentality (reckless contempt to the rights of victims / wilful defaults intended to obstruct / the failures and omissions to ACT AS THE LAW STIPULATES, the breaches of undertakings, etc. And such performances despite the ills in which you found yourself embroiled, yet ready to engage in such activities and calculated defaults, for years, so long as others were / are to be the victims. Such engagements by an alleged victim-challenger who was & had / has been MOST KEEN & READY TO INTERFERE IN WHAT I SET OUT TO DO over 34 years ago. I can only express no surprise or disappointment. But I DO EXPRESS MANY THANKS & MY GRATITUDE for your part in establishing the fact that you were and have been the product of the arrangements in place, just another convert to & follower of the trends set in place by the creators of the alleged creator of all and everything.

Next month will be 35 years since I was handed a copy of the FORGERY that was created, introduced and used in allegedly legitimate court proceedings by the licensed criminals who benefit from annual practice certificates by their respective governing bodies. All acting as they do, with the blessings of the criminals who have been / are in control of the police and the courts.

And ALL OF THEM RELYING ON the type of ‘shitizens and fraudsters club recruits’ of whom one can read about in pages that will be expanded upon, with the addition of the CLAIMS arising out of the criminal activities that I was subjected to, all those years ago, INCLUDING THE ACTIVITIES BEHIND THE SCENES by the fraudsters club recruits / abusers of my time and trust ever since, while I was investigating them and their parts as maintenance engineers of the CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY that you endorsed through the defaults, omissions and interference in my work, WHILE YOU WERE BENEFITING as an accredited recruit to the system as is.

You defaulted and negated to act as you had / have been promising for years. I can, therefore, consider ONLY ONE SIMPLE FACT. That simple fact should be ‘YOU NEVER intended to challenge or expose the alleged wrongdoers in your situation, as I was informed / told of it to have been’. YOU SYSTEMATICALLY FAILED TO EXPOSE THE WRONGDOERS and abusers of the courts’ facilities, as ‘OUR AIMS’ clearly covered (as of and before) and cover as of inception of the human-rights organisation Community on Line. I ALWAYS regarded the failures as nothing but contempt for the rights of the taxpayers to be informed accordingly in the pseudo-democracy. One that is run and maintained SO, ONLY CARE OF YOUR TYPE OF ‘serfs’ and persons of your endorsement of the system as is, despite your asserted conformity & approval of ‘OUR AIMS’; the aims of the (*Community on Line*) principles endorsed by persons who joined the Community as ‘pro-active members’, presumed victims of the abusers of public office and the courts facilities.


My Best to you & yours May the force of good enlighten you

Andrew Yiannides Founder *human.rights* (NGO) London – UK 5th January 2007

NOTE: December 3rd 2011 > We apologise for the absence of the website and request of our friends and the concerned to access until we transfer / recreate the website at a new service .

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