Thoughts for consideration on Religion, the many tongues from one alphabet.

Relegion: pointers / food for thought for persons who bothered to read one of the most obvious ploys (hints) from / by the craft-y who created the most vile work full of evil scenarios/scripts, such as the example linked-to from here. Read here of submissions from Andrew Yiannides to persons who came/come along as indoctrinated & conditioned non-thinkers, programmed robots who promote the vile (anagram of evil) creations by criminals some 2300 years ago:-
1. I CLARIFY, March 2011 – Facebook submissions – Andrew Yiannides:- “Friend I was referring to the alleged Holy Scriptures. It is obvious YOU DID NOT follow the train of thought. The Alleged Holy Scriptures were created by fraudsters / criminals who set out to become Lords & Masters of All & Everything which THEIR CREATION allegedly created.

WHAT YOU allude and refer to, including the Feminasties, happen to be products of the very same EVIL powers / forces behind every concocted FALSE FRONT, includuing the UN : United Nations.

Religion was and happens to be JUST THE MEANS, the mechanics used by the creators of ‘the original ALPHABET’, the alleged Holy Scriptures through which the different tongues / religions and thereby the conditioning and indoctrination of THE NAIVE >>> THE GULLIBLE who cannot think for themselves AS HUMANS but as persons who rely on and USE THE PROGRAMMING they benefited / benefit from as programmed robots…. repeat radio stations…. remotely controlled morons / non-thinkers…. entities with NO MIND OF THEIR OWN because ‘such beings are zombies, simply put:- ‘used morons’.

To persons requesting acceptance as friends at facebook / contacts at Skype, etc.:-
2. Friend, kindly refer to my work FOR human rights and contact me by email pointing me to such work BY YOU. Friends should have at least ONE THING IN COMMON. Should you care to REALLY LOOK AT MY WORK you will note that I am NOT IN THE LEAST interested, BUT, I AM CONCERNED with the element of THE THIRD LANGUAGE created through the alphabet some criminals came along with 2300 years ago* [*L]. I refer to the concocted holy scriptures, ‘The Old Testament RUBBISH’. The first language: Judaism. The second was an attempt to enhance the first : Judaism BUT IT FAILED and Rabi Saul of Tarsus created what was to become, 300 years later, Christianity as wily Constantine determined. AND THE CRIMINALS BEHIND IT ALL CAME BACK with another ploy, the third tongue / language : Islam, FROM THE VERY SAME ALPHABET, the Old Testament RUBBISH. Friend IF YOU EVER DID STUDY ‘THE Old Testament RUBBISH’ and you feel that you are in a position to challenge the realities of Abraham = Ibrahim, Moses = Musa, Jacob = Yacub, Joseph = Yusuf, etc. or even enhance the Old Testament RUBBISH feel free to relate such capabilities to me by email to: for I am not in the least interested in any relationship (friend or foe) with any person who is NOT CONCERNED WITH THE REALITIES (violations of human rights by FRAUDSTERS and naive followers of the Old Testament teachings by examples stated) I POINT YOU TO. I trust you ARE in a position to accept that I never was an indoctrinated moron nor was I ever programmed by dreamers, idiots and fraudsters with THE Old Testament Software = RUBBISH. This response is not meant to offend but to AWAKEN the naive and the indoctrinated who presume and assume the right to offend the intelligence and THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS who, at the very least, botherered / bother to study and RESEARCH … SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH behind most, if not all of the evil impositions on mankind for centuries / millennia. If I do not hear from you, as I request, YOU WILL HAVE ESTABLISHED that you approached me as a typical hypocrite with childish contempt to my rights to carry on with my work WITHOUT IDIOTIC WASTE OF MY TIME in such areas as others set out and partly imposed (on me), as dreamers who HAD NO RESPECT FOR ANY OTHER…. for of such the programming they benefited from. Sincerely CONCERNED.

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  • Good day! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects? Appreciate it!
    >>>NOTE:- Links to irrelevant and unrelated material to the issues covered and exposed here at Justice Raped, removed.<<<

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