Democracy at Work : Demos Power and the provisions way back in 1999 for sucker-serfs

Submissions to fellow travellers on 17th January 2011

As it HAPPENS it was written centuries / millennia ago!!!
Have you / our fellow travellers SEEN / HEARD of the latest in the United Kingdom???
APPARENTLY Multiple benefits (financial support) from the state : from the defrauded through the banksters’ arrangements / ploys = FROM the TAXED SUCKER-SERFS, for the followers of the second clone resting and founded on the original scripts and scenarios about the one and only.
In other words MULTIPLE BENEFITS FOR the polygamous followers of the third religion created out of the original VILE / EVIL scripts promoted by followers of the evil one for centuries / millennia. Refer to St. John’s gospel J.C to the Scribes “You ARE of your father the devil”. The aforesaid promoted to the naive and gullible who are sold the alleged creator of all and everything, care of alleged Holy Scriptures!!!
Any human / any true thinker / any person who uses grey matter SHOULD & MUST read the few extracts (starting with the URL number 4, below) from the creation of fraudsters; from the criminals who created the Old Testament RUBBISH, and through it the alleged creator of all and everything!!!
I hereby INVITE & DEFY ANYONE to come back with any LOGICAL ARGUMENT IN SUPPORT of such vile / evil ways (such as I point to / nothing else, please) IN AN OPEN FORUM, on the Internet, FOR MANKIND (humans / thinkers) TO ACCESS & EDUCATE ITSELF (mankind in general).
Tami, fellow travellers in general, I am not sure IF I pointed you to the fact that the creation of the new states (conditions) in the old Continent (Europe) happen to be part of the plans of the fraudsters / of the criminals who attend secret meetings AS PROMOTERS & FOLLOWERS OF THE PLANS of the creators of the Old Testament RUBBISH, such as the realities I point to at:-
There I point to the fact that fraudsters who allegedly were representing a specific group of people (the Hellenic Christian Orthodox Communities of the United Kingdom) ACTED SIMPLY AS FREEMASONS (not as Hellenes or as Christians) AND ELECTED as the president of / chairman for the specific communities (???) the fraudster Mr. Kypros Nicholas, THE SOLICITOR who engaged in criminal activities back in the late 1960’s / early 1970’s when REPRESENTING ME AS MY SOLICITOR (also as my trusted old school friend) in a matter of COMMERCIAL FRAUD, a claim issued and served out of the Royal Courts of Justice, in the United Kingdom.
I invite ALL victims of questionable *judicial* (note the word I use is NOT *judicious*) rulings / judgements, from within any allegedly civilised >PSEUDOdemocracy< to access the realities and the evidence I have been pointing to and questioning / CHALLENGING & REPORTING TO THE AUTHORITIES >to the criminals in control< (also to alleged victim-challengers, such as the persons I name and expose in a number of web-pages with supporting evidence, as lovers of the system of operations within an allegedly civilised Democracy, one that allegedly rests and is founded on principles of Law & Order) for decades, as at:-
Thereafter EVERY, REALLY CONCERNED THINKER, HUMAN, VICTIM of the criminal impositions each questions or HAS BEEN THE VICTIM OF, should / MUST access the extracts from the Old Testament which I reproduced (over a decade ago) for all HUMANS / USERS OF GREY MATTER, to access at:-
FELLOW TRAVELLERS who have as yet to access and read ‘the Tower of Babel extract’ (to which I have been pointing for over 35 years – of which for 15 years >as of 1997< on the Internet) MUST ACCESS & READ IT at:-
And thereat, WAKE UP TO THE REALITIES, as to what forces have been at work for centuries / millennia. All should NOTE as of when (and with what) I compared the evil activity (the ploy ‘divide and manipulate the divided suckers’) we are told WAS INSTIGATED BY THE ONE & ONLY, who, incidentally, called in OTHERS : the affiliates and ASSOCIATES of ‘the one and only’ (!!!), in order to create havoc, among the co-operating and successful sons (no daughters!!!) of men (no women!!!) according to the creators of such VILE PLANS FOR MANKIND.
The criminals who created the Old Testament RUBBISH, did not even think of and write of ‘the children / the successors of Adam & Eve…. even though they were the creations of the alleged creator who ALSO CREATED MAN : ADAM, in HIS OWN IMAGE….. in other words TO BE encouraged, to be coerced and TO BE CAUSED TO BE, through many a devious and criminal device, including the conditioned / indoctrinated FANATICS WHO FAIL TO STUDY and research what others pump them with, as INFLATABLE BALOONS, as of their formative years / as of their childhood, thereafter to act and operate AS EVIL AS THE ALLEGED CREATOR OF ALL AND EVERYTHING.
All fellow travellers MUST BE POINTED TO THE VERY URL (the web-page number 5) and each and every one MUST CONSIDER WITH WHAT other ‘teaching by examples stated (>’PARABLE’ from the Greek >ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ : ΠΑΡΑΒΟΛΗ = parallel + aim<) I compared the VILE ACT instigated by the alleged creator of all and everything; the one who, mankind was / has been sold among other vile scripts that he >the one and only< gave instructions to Abraham (to Ibrahim according to Islam) to sacrifice his own son to him (to the alleged creator of all and everything) as a test, apparently, for loyalty & blind obedience to the one and only >SOME TEST (!!!), thinkers / grey matter users.
The very script / scenario HAPPENED TO HAVE BEEN THE CAUSE & REASON as to WHY, at of a young age, I SET OUT TO READ / STUDY & RESEARCH the Old Testament RUBBISH. In good time I will reveal under what circumstances I was caused to start reading & STUDYING the Old Testament, on my own, and WHY I had to do so.
All fellow travellers, especially persons who reside within the Old British Empire where the state of ALLEGED MODERN DEMOCRACY (governance / government) WAS EXPORTED >care of the British Empire<, also persons who ARE AWARE of any secretive Organisations such as THE BROTHERHOOD of Freemasons (etc.,) operating out of & active in their area, MUST wake up to the fact that the Freemasons happen to be promoters of the Old Testament RUBBISH, as I point to in the URL / web-page number 2, above.
In the circumstances, thinkers should NOT NEED ANY coercion or guidance / additional information in order to USE COMMON SENSE & LOGIC TO ARRIVE at the one and only conclusion:-
* Mankind is presently faced with the ultimate thrust through which to impose THE VERY SATANIC WORLD DOMINATION, of the >New World Order< out of the chaos the very criminals were / have been responsible for, as planned and aimed for by the creators, by their successors and by followers / promoters of the Old Testament RUBBISH.
No one should / could / can overlook or ignore the simple fact that THE SUPPORTED POLYGAMY, as ‘determined (planned for, in secretly held venues) by alleged representatives of the electorate in an allegedly civilised state, ARE BEING TAXED FOR ALL MANNER OF CRIMINAL IMPOSITIONS, such as I have been pointing to for decades to close friends and as of 1997 in the web-pages I created and I have been maintaining / creating, ever since.
THE IMPOSITIONS I ALLUDE TO, THE ILL-LOGICAL (ill from sick of course) & ILL-LEGAL ORDERS care of and THROUGH THE JUDGES created by the alleged creator of all and everything and (by extension) THE FOLLOWERS OF THE TEACHINGS BY EXAMPLES STATED / RELATED and preached also by the followers of the one who was crucified FOR CHALLENGING the abusive of their powers, the religious leaders of ‘the chosen peoples’ -12 tribes, do not ignore that factor and number friends- of and to whom J.C asserted “YOU ARE OF YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL”, hence the Anti-Christ / anti-civilising destructive evil forces at work for centuries / millennia including many FALSE FRONTS, such as the church allegedly founded by the disciple of Jesus Christ, Peter, the one who denounced J.C three times according to the editors / creators of the New Testament; the very group of persons did include the Old Testament RUBBISH in ‘The Bible’ they created at a time when they were hopeful the enhanced original vile scripts (the Old Testament RUBBISH) were to suck in, the targeted for pumping, with rubbish, the illiterates and the ill-informed, the non-thinkers of the days, bar the civilisation targeted for destruction (plundering and burial) after the Gnosis was removed / stolen from the Hellenic Libraries, soon after another religion was announced (Christianity) instead of the enhanced original : Judaism.
The genuinely interested readers & researchers MUST access and read Sir Frederick Kennyon’s article ‘How We Got Our Bible’, which I reproduced at the URL / web-page number 4 above.
Be well informed, study and research fellow travellers.
WAKE UP, at last.
WHY do you think the Old Testament was not presented to mankind in its original language for over 1200 years if as such it existed?
WHY delay & wait until the attempts & failures to impose the third religion (Islam) founded and resting on the original RUBBISH, in Europe, after the North Coastal kingdoms and caliphates of Africa were converted by the marauding sword brandishing armies of the third religion(!)
All and everything, by the followers & PRACTITIONERS of the Old Testament ….ploys / such as the EVIL SCRIPTS / extracts I have been pointing to for decades, also on the internet for almost 13 years as at the web-page URL number 4, above.
Anyone wishing to further enhance his / her NEW GRASP and knowledge / understanding of the evil plans for mankind (by the creators / followers of the Old Testament RUBBISH) MUST ACCESS the entry under JEHOVAH in the page:-
Recognise WHY I have been researching the Old Testament *scripts & scenarios* all my THINKING EXISTENCE. When there (URL 6, above), read also the entries under Jesus & Christ for additional ‘enlightenment’ & information from the creators of the New Testament….. all of which SHOULD CAUSE TRUE HUMANS & THINKERS to access, read and GRASP the messages (loud & clear as they are / ever were) as the evidence and LOGIC COMMANDS when one reads / studies and considers the material at:-

At the last two web-pages / URLs numbers 13 and 14, above, solid proof and evidence as to WHY SO MANY ALLEGED VICTIM-CHALLENGERS of the abused courts’ facilities did WILFULLY & WITH MALICE AFORETHOUGHT waste my time and abused the trust each was allowed and assisted to benefit from, while one and all were simply CHASING & AFTER the REWARDS ON OFFER TO NON-THINKERS, to illiterates in law and to the selfish greedy who were after their cut of the plundered tax contributions to the national budget AS THEIR DUE REWARDS FOR ENDORSING the CONFIDENTIAL FRAUD one and all fell in love with. Every single one, doing his / her very best to promote, as front-line army recruits, the expansionist plans of the criminals behind most, if not all, of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, for centuries millennia.
I conclude by pointing to the very revelations by John Swainton when he retired after some ten or so years as Chief of Staff at ‘The New York Times’, at a time when he was no longer subject to the elements, to the conditions he spoke of, as he was no longer in the firing line; in other words he was no longer subject to the preconditions the MEDIA BARONS IMPOSE on the Intellectual Prostitutes who are retained, appointed and maintained to promote and impose the vile / evil ways of the followers of the teachings by examples stated in the most vile / evil of works ever to have been misrepresented to mankind : ‘The Old Testament’. The realisations / realities related in this paragraph, with my compliments to ALL ABUSERS OF MY TIME and the trust they were allowed to benefit from while I was looking into their activities / researching their parts in promoting and expanding THE CONFIDENTIAL FRAUD ARRANGEMENTS I have been pointing to for far too long, while each and every one kept their heads, their devoid of grey matter skulls, deep in the sand like the proverbial ostriches.

Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS
London United Kingdom
Profile at Live Dot Com:
As Diogenis at: –
As Andrew Yiannides at Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, MySpace
On Skype as * Yiandros – London – UK *

FOR ‘the rampant FRAUD & CORRUPTION’ that abounds in most allegedly ‘civilised states’, access the exclusive page:
For PROOF of the collaboration, between the Executive & the Administrative, in such states / the UK, read below the explicit arrangements for ‘the serfs’:-
“The court has inherent jurisdiction to stay an ACTION which MUST FAIL; as for instance, an action brought in respect of an act of State.”
The above qualify: ‘Criminals are in control in pseudo-democratic states’.
Enlightenment for the products of the system : the fraudsters-club-recruits & maintenance engineers of the system who seek to offend and obstruct genuine challengers who EXPOSE the criminals:-
From Isocrates’ Aeropagiticos:-
*** “But in fact, they thought, virtue is not advanced by written laws but by the habits of every-day life; for the majority of men tend to assimilate the manners and morals amid which they have been reared. Furthermore, they held, that where there is a multitude of specific laws, it is a sign that the state is badly governed; for it is in the attempt to build up dikes against the spread of crime that men in such a state feel constrained to multiply the laws.
Those who are rightly governed, on the other hand, do not fill their porticoes with written statutes, but only to cherish justice in their souls; for it is not by legislation, but by morals, that states are well directed, since men who are badly reared will venture to transgress even laws which are drawn up with minute exactness, whereas those who are well brought up will be willing to respect even a simple code”. ***
The above is dedicated to ALL abusers of Andrew Yiannides’ time and the trust they were allowed to benefit from while their activities were being investigated.
— On Sun, 16/1/11, tami pepperman wrote:

The Old Testament Tower of Babel script
An EVIL ACT instigated by the alleged creator of all and everything

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5 comments to Democracy at Work : Demos Power and the provisions way back in 1999 for sucker-serfs

    • Thanks for considering the article and the realities addressed.
      Feel free to consider and relate your thoughts on other subjects and articles here at justice raped dot org.
      Access and consider also the most offensive of criminal activities, the organised constructive frauds ongoing through abuse of the courts facilities in all PSEUDOdemocracies, after reading of the realities and accessing / reading there, the evidence that I point to, at:-

  • Hello I am so excited I found your webpage, I really found you by mistake, while I was searching on Bing for something else, Anyways I am here now and would just like to say many thanks for a remarkable post and a all round interesting blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to browse it all at the moment but I have saved it and also included your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a great deal more, Please do keep up the excellent work.

  • Hello! Just want to say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.

  • Anyone NOTICED the repetition “So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of all the earth”. AFTER ONLY 25 words YET AGAIN “…from there the Lord scattered them abroad over the face of all the earth”.

    From such ‘gifted minds’ the writings & many the repetitions of statements throughout the original, the vile rubbish (in every part of the alleged Holy Scriptures) upon which the creation of the warmongering and the conflicts that were and to these days ARE CREATED by the creators of the original rubbish.

    All consequential conflicts simply created AFTER the ploy to enhance the original (Judaism) with ‘the son of God’ promotions FAILED to enrich the original, because of Rabi Saul (Paul of Tarsus) who saw the light (recognised the potential) and through his writings created the NEW LANGUAGE…. Christianity, founded and resting on the original rubbish the Old Testament.

    Thereafter the need to create YET ANOTHER LANGUAGE (religion) the third ploy….. still founded on the original vile Old Testament rubbish. However, FOR THE THIRD PLOY (religion : Islam) no mention or inclusion of the original rubbish in the NEW Holy book…. WAKE-UP and use grey matter thinkers(???), humans(!!!).

    The NEW Holy Book, claimed to have been dictated to the messenger, through another, through an intermediary…. with the creator of the third ploy / religion / language acting as a secretary, also as a WARLORD WHO SET OUT (on instructions from the one and only, above, the one who did not address him directly….) TO IMPOSE / CONVERT to the new directives / DICTATES, the North African coastal states, Caliphates / Bedouins to the third ploy… the NEW language, the NEW RELIGION.

    Thereafter followed the warmongering between the two off-springs (Christianity & Islam) with the craft-y behind it all ‘having a good laugh at the suckers who were using THE DIFFERENT TONGUES (founded on the original Old Testament rubbish) for domination of the sucker-serfs…. and to hell (who cares about) the rivers of human blood shed at the sacrificial temple of the one and only…. the one referred to as THE DEVIL in St. John’s Gospel, according to the editors / creators of ‘The Bible’.

    All of the above causing any thinker to consider giving credit to the editors / creators of ‘The Bible’, for at the very least THEY DID PASS ON TO MANKIND A RECORD OF THE OLD TESTAMENT RUBBISH….. which for over 1200 years was NOT disputed by the creators of the original…. leading to the craft-y ones to introduce in their own language the Old Testament (RUBBISH) and thereafter to introduce other writings by way of additional ‘wisdom and promotions STIL resting and founded on the original claims and fraudulent misrepresentations.

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