Banksters and their arrogance in the United Kingdom – Santander UK plc

Anyone who has been faced with problems any bank created and imposed on the person should contact the material / work for Mr & Mrs Harry Rofey at:- & NOTE how the police engaged in harassment, intimidation and threats to the victims of ORGANISED FRAUD by the management and staff of ex-Midland Bank.

The latest, copy-pasted below, relate to the evil acts and the convenient vile defaults by the programmed robots that Grupo Santander of Spain organised after taking over Abbey National as parts of its operations in the United Kingdom.

READ (below) & MARVEL at the unacceptable impositions by the evil who are trained to operate as part of the ORGANISED DENIAL OF RIGHTS TO TARGETED SUCKER-SERFS, as the followers of the teachings by examples stated in the most vile of works ever to have been misrepresented to mankind > The Old Testament RUBBISH< and consider where the base of Santander is, Copy starts/

TEL/FAX CONTACT (Int. 0044) + (Local UK(0)) +20-88889275

4th February 2011

Mr. Dean Malone – Manager
28 High Road
Wood Green
London N22

Your Ref. Reckless Mentality to my person and access to MY funds


By hand delivery to be signed for

Mr. Dean

Re: Need for access to MY funds : Account 09XXXX XXXXXXXX

I beg to refer you to your contemptuous mentality yesterday afternoon when YOU FAILED to return my calls.

Do note that I WAS RECORDING all of my calls yesterday, including my call to lodge a complaint proper, after accessing the Santander website presence, the institution you represent and act for.

Although I asked for an email to be sent to me, thereby to confirm the lodging of my complaint I was told that such a facility was not possible. That element in itself constituting nothing but inexcusable non-compliance with my rights to have proof that I was to benefit from that which CONVENIENTLY the institution you act for, failed, by design, to provide / have made available on line. Notable also was the element of having to use an 0845 telephone line IN ORDER TO LODGE A COMPLAINT against the institution employing programmed robots and NOT humans.

I hereby demand that you do access the online form I created for victims of arrogant abuse of trust and public office / public facilities at:-
Ensure that you duly complete, sign and forward it without any delays and or further obstructions to my rights which the institution you represent, your colleagues, your associates and your subordinates elected to treat as non-existent, care of the training and the programming you all benefited from, since the institution that took over Abbey National introduced its own contemptuous mentality to the humans who live / reside in the United Kingdom.

DO NOTE that I am holding YOU personally responsible primarily because of YOUR CONTEMPT on Saturday 29th January 2011. I simply remind you that I had no choice but to attend for personal clarification IF what you indicated at the end of our meeting OVER a week earlier had been put into effect FOR I DID NOT WISH to be further OFFENDED & INSULTED (my integrity and my intelligence) by one of the programmed robots attending counter service at the branch. I point out that I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR OVER 35 minutes to speak to the young lady who had been (and carried on) attending to another client, before you came down in the same area in order to attend to another ‘customer’(?). AFTER ANOTHER 20 minutes plus had lapsed, as soon as I enquired of the young lady who was to attend to my enquiry you called from across the room that I should not be there, SINCE YOU HAD NOT TELEPHONED ME to personally inform me that the account had been reactivated, asserting in the process that ‘the system takes FIVE WORKING DAYS, ignoring / overlooking, in the process, that the meeting with you took place before the previous Saturday, in other words well in excess of 7 days including the previous weekend.

In view of the above I HEREBY DEMAND that when submitting (without failure) the completed DECLARATION which you should print as I point above, that you write also to state the grounds, the reasons and any ACT OF PARLIAMENT granting to you such rights as the institution you and the robots programmed by the institution’s gurus / genii, to impose on me the states collectively promoted by ALL ROBOTS I HAVE HAD the misfortune to assume and erroneously presume were humans who could use grey matter and the evidence they were presented and FACED WITH, the human; in other words A LIVE HUMAN BEING whom collectively they treated as a deceased person because the passport they were presented with had not been renewed.

DO NOTE That this letter will be released in the public domain the moment delivery has been effected just as I will release in the public domain your response, the completed DECLARATION which you MUST ENSURE reaches me within FIVE WORKING DAYS. I will release also my response and submissions if any are called for, as soon as I receive anything / something from the complaints department the institution (the only title as far as I am concerned) befitting Santander.

Andrew Yiannides

COPIES to Whom It May Concern
/copy ends

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