Attempt to eliminate recognised; read of the method used

The leaflet I was issued at the North Middlesex Hospital (where I was taken by ambulance, in the late evening of last Friday) after the first blood results were at hand, and I was told that MORE TESTS were needed, included the following information / material:-
copied from leaflet/ “What are ketones?
In diabetes,
(? : at no time was there such a health state problem, to the very day, do note) there is not enough insulin to help your muscles absorb glucose from the blood. And when your muscles are starved for energy they start to “burn” fat. This produces breakdown products called ketones. These are toxic acids that appear in the blood first and then evenrtually overflow into urine. The accumulation of these acids in the body may lead to the condition called ketosis and, as it gets more serious, ketoacidosis or DKA….
Diabetis Ketoacidosis (DKA), if left untreated, is a lifethreathening condition. Symptoms may include ketonic breath, frequent unrination, weakness, nausea andf vomiting, confusion, and eventually loss of consciousness. DKA can occur in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, but it is more common in Type 1. Ask your healthcare professional how blood ketone testing can be incorporated into your sick day management plan and help prevent progresssion to DKA.
Why test your blood for b-Ketone instead of urine?
Urine testing only gives information about what your ketone levels were two to four hours before you tested and is dependent on the person being able to pass urine. The American Diabetes Association states that blood ketone testing is preferred over urine ketone testing as a more reliable method of diagnosing diabetic ketoacidosis.* Ketones are detectable in the blood far earlier than in urine, so blood b-Ketone testing can give early warning of impending DKA.
* (copyright symbol)  2004 American Diabetes Association, from Diabetes Care, Vol.27, Supplement, September 1, 2004, 591-593. Reprinted with permission from the American Diabetes Association. This is not intended to be taken as an endorsement by the American Diabetes Association. /copy ends
I believe that the reference to ‘endorsement in the footnote relates to ‘endorsement of the system of the blood test >the product developed (Optium b-ketone Test Strips) by Abbott.
NOTE: The conditions under which I ended up in hospital many witnessed over the previous three days; the very IMPOSED STATES, by evil persons were witnessed also by many neighbours.>Hence the conclusion that definitely ‘attempts were afoot to eliminate’ the targeted. The fact that no diabetes was ever diagnosed as an existing state (whether known or not by the evil who set out to impose the states that will be made public in due course) happens to be immaterial YET VERY PERTINENT & IMPORTANT IN THE CASE AT HAND, BECAUSE the evil ones were fully aware of  the existing heart condition (emotinal stress Angina, related and attributed to the vile activities BEHIND THE SCENES (by the Antoniades, in the main, and the Joannides evil lot). The participation of the evil ones (the Antoniades couple and their brood) with their direct interference (in the background) in the family (using and relying on the indiference and selfish mentality of the gestation vessel) & home(!) life of the targeted, became very clear to the targeted who had been suspecting other forces behind the evil ways of the gestation vessel. The targeted was made aware of, the evil ways (and practices/activities BECAUSE of the involvement (in the background) of ‘alleged public servants who had in the past indulged in direct abuse of public facilities in order to impose FRAUDULENT DAMAGES on the targeted*, and over a decade later : the part of the evil ones in using and promoting UNDISCLOSED FALSE RECORDS created by abusers of public office, happened to have been the main cause of ‘a troubled and stressed home life caused by the gestation vessel / the feminasty, whom the targeted had married in 1976. The fact remains that for almost 2 decades the targeted DID NOT KNOW OF THE FALSE RECORDS (created by public servants who were known and seen to have been abusing public office; public servants, included / include judicial chair occupants) MUST HAVE BEEN the cause FOR THE BEHAVIOUR of the gestation vessel / the feminasty whose actions, activities and evil ways indicated that more was afoot behind the scenes than just her evil ways and her attitude to the imposed as created states by the Joannides / Antoniades fraudsters. The behaviour and conduct of all, towards the heart condition of the targeted, had been wilfully imposed as the product of the : EMOTIONAL STRESS, FOUNDED Angina was directly related to the vile / evil ways of the Antoniades / Joannides as affiliates, associates of and as promoters of the criminal in intent products / creations (FALSE RECORDS lacking accountability) of the legal-judicial-public services & sectors operating in the United Kingdom as licensed, by the elected Members of Parliament & successive governments of alternating political coloration, in the main active practitioners within the legal system and members of secretive societies and brotherhoods.
I proceed with quotes (and my notes in1993) from leaflets handed to me by the medical team and doctors at St. Bartholomews Hospital where I was taken (from Whipps Cross Hospital) for an Angiogram:-
Begin /…“Heart Information Series No. 4   WHAT IS ANGINA? Explanation and advice for patients….. British Heart Foundation >Revised 1992<
What is angina?
Angina is an uncomfortable feeling in the chest that is usually brought on by exercise or emotional upset….. the pain usually lasts from 1-10 minutes.
Angina is a warning pain
Angina is a built in warning device, telling you that your heart is trying to do too much and that you must take it easier.
The heart and its blood supply
The strong muscles of the heart need their own supply of food and oxygen….Two arteries branch off from the main blood flow…
What causes angina
If one or more of your coronary arteries becomes narrowed, the blood supply to your heart muscle may be restricted. During exercise or emotional stress your heart has to do more work than usual, and so the muscle needs more work than usual, so the muscle needs more oxygen…..*1 If the blood cannot deliver enough oxygen, the muscle will ‘complain’ by causing ANGINA.
The commonest cause of narrowing of the coronary arteries is the gradual build up of fatty materials in their walls. This is called ATHEROSCLEROSIS (from Ellinika, not Latin) Angina heppens when the build up is enough to so restrict blood supply that the muscle does not receive enough blood***3. – the medical term for this is ‘iscaemia’ (from Ellinika, not Latin)
We do not know for sure what causes the fatty build up, but we do know some important “risk factors” The main ones are:
smoking (the targeted is / has been a non-smoker since 1962).
high blood pressure (when suppressing reactions to the vile ways of the gestation vessel; however, grandfather of mother’s side DID have a long history of high blood pressure). ****4
high blood cholesterol (NO)
Your risk is also increased :-
if you are overweight (the targeted for elimination never was)
if you take little exercise (the targeted, at the time when the angina state developed HAD BEEN EXECUTING extensive restructuring and RENOVATION works at ‘the matrimonial residence which the targeted never referred to as ‘home’, care of the conduct and behaviour of the gestation vessel especially her evil ways and treatment of ‘the known sperm provider’ who fathered the two children the gestation vessell carreid and gave birth to>>substantial particulars in due course. >the aforestated realities for the benefit of THINKERS >HUMANS< not for discarded sperm providers and or wounded animals.
if you have a history of angina and hreart attack at a young age in a member of your family.
BUT THESE RISK FACTORS (upper case by the targeted) do not make it certain that you will have heart trouble. Some people develop angina without having any of these risk factors.
Rarely angina can also be caused if the muscle in the coronary artreries contracts and goes into spasm. CORONARY ARTERY SPASM can usually be treated with tablets.
Is a pain in the chest always angina?
Pain in the chest does not always mean that there is anything wrong with your heart. Some people mistake simple aches from muscles and nerves in the chest for angina. Anxiety and tension are common causes of pain in the chest. Sometimes, this is a sharp stabbing feeling UNDER THE LEFT BREAST (The targeted never felt or reported such pains). >For the time being rest of information / material under the above heading side-stepped<.
How can doctors diagnose angina?
Your doctor can usually tell if it is angina from what you say your pain feels like, where it is and what brings it on. Your blood pressure will be checked, and then more tests may be done to see if there are other heart problems. The tests could include:-
An electrodardiogram (ECG)
This is a record of the electrical activity of the heart. It is often normal in patients with angina, but may show evidence of a heart attack in the past *****5. The ECG usually becomes abnormal if angina occurs. For this reason an exercise ECG test is often carried out on a stationary bicycle or treadmil.******6
A Thallium Scan
This is useful for some patients. A small amount of radioactive material is injected into the blood. A gamma camera may show up which parts of the heart muscle are short of blood.
A blood cholesterol test
The amount of cholesterol and other fatty substances in the blood can be checked from a blood sample.
Coronary angiogram
This is undertaken by a cardiologist (heart specialist) in hospital. Under Local anaesthetic (from ELLINKA Tami, not from Latin) a fine tube*******7 XXXX ((catheter) from ELLINIKA, not from Latin) is introduced into an artery in the forearm or groin and passed along to the body’s arteries to the coronary arteries. A dye is injected to help to give a picture of the arteries on an X-Ray film. This will show where, and how much, they narrowed. It is an essential test if angioplasty or coronary artery surgery are being considered. *******8
How is angina treated?
Drugs are usually used first, but for some people*********9, angioplasty or surgery may be needed.
Drug treatment of angina
Drugs can help in two ways. They can either increase the blood supply to the heart or they can reduce the work it has to do.
If you are taking drugs, remember that your doctor will not know when your supply is running low. You must be sure not to run out. It might be easier and cheaper to get a yearly prescription rate.
These have been used to treat angina for many years. They open up the body’s blood vessels. With blood flowing more freely around the body, the heart’s work is easier. It helps too, to widen the coronary arteries.
A tablet can be sucked before you start to exercise, so that you can prevent an attack of angina.
Alternatively, the drug can be absorbed slowly through the skin from a plaster or patch. This can be used to prevent attacks, especially at night.
Nitrates may cause headaches and faintness particularly when first used – these side effects lessen with time.
Types of nitrates include
Glyceryl Trinitrate (Trinitrin)
This is the commonest drug used for angina. It is usually sucked as a tablet under the tongue and can stop anginal attack quickly. You should always carry your tablets with you and use one if you think an attack is likely to come on. You should get a new supply every eight weeks.
Isorbide, Mononitrate and Dinitrate
These tablets are usually swallowed whole and are used in the prevention of attacks.
Nitrate Spay
If you use a spray**********10 you should close your mouth after each dose, and take care not to shake the container. It is inflamable.
Beta Blockers
Beta blocker drugs are swallowed whole, and act by slowing down the heart rate. They reduce the heart’s work so that it needs less oxygen ***********11. When they are taken regularly, they can reduce the frequency of angina attacks.
Beta blockers can sometimes cause cold hands and feet, and tiredness. Thay are usually not suitable if you have asthma or bronchitis.
Calcium blocking drugs
Like beta blockers, they reduce the frequency of angina attacks.
Calcium blockers can sometimes produce side-effects, such as flushing, headaches, constipation and pufiness in the ankles.
Using combinations of drugs************12
Nitrates and beta blockers are often used together, from the start of treatment. If these do not control the pain then the calcium blocking drug can be used as well.
If you have asthma or bronchitis then calcium blocking drugs may be used instead of beta blockers, right from the start. Also, if your doctor thinks that coronary artery spasm is part of the cause of your angina then your treatment might begin with a combination of nitrates and calcium blocking drugs.
Coronary angiography
This section is at the bottom of page 7 of the information series leaflet number 4.
Skipped / ignored and from next heading
Surgical treatment (See HIS 12)
Skipped to top of page 9 … ‘The object of the operation is to bypass the narrow parts of one or more coronary arteries by grafting a blood vessel between the aorta (the main artery) and the affercted arteries beyond the parts that are blocked. *************13
Skip to lower part of page 9. …. ‘When drugs do not provide enough relief, heart surgery may be the best answer. For some people with particular types of narrowing of the arteries, heart surgery might reduce the chances of a heart attack. **************14
Not smoking
Lowering High Blood pressure
Lowering high blood cholesterol
Skipped. Such a problem non-existent. In fact the dietician asked of the targeted to provide him with a typical cookery book in respect of the cuisine of Cyprus where the targeted was born and lived until the age of 18. (‘Kopiaste’ the title of the book).
Reducing overweight
Throughout his life, the targeted was never overweight and if anything just about the right weight for his height or just below the nomal.
Reducing Stress*************15
If you have angina then you should learn to relax but the important thing is to find out the stresses at home or at work with which you cannot cope. Try to avoid activities which cause mental and emotional turmoil.*************16
Everyday life with angina
After treatment, most people with angina can get back to a near normal life ****************17. Rest skipped.
Exercise will help to keep your weight down, most people feel better generally when they are fit. Walking, swimming, golf and cycling are all good for the system. Weightlifting and press-ups are types of intense “isometric” exercise which is not recommended. Highly competitive exercise, such as squash may be dangerous if you have a heart condition. ******************18.
The combination of physical activity and sexual excitement may bring on an angina attack. But you do not need to avoid secxual activity, unless it produces angina. Taking a glyceryl trinitrate tablet beforehand will usuaslly prevent an attack – beta blockers are also useful.
You should inform the Licensing Authority (DVLC, Scansea) if angina is brough on by driving. The Medical Advisory Branch may ask your permission to get a report from your doctor.
Car drivers are not usually restricted but you need to tell your motor insurance company, or your insurance could be invalid. There should be no problem getting insurance cover as long as you get a note from your doctor to say that you are fit to drive.
If you hold a large goods vehicle or passenger carrying vehicle license for your job then your doctor may be asked for a detailed assessment.
Holidays and travel
Changes you should tell your doctor about

Below essential material / information attached to and born of THE IMPOSITIONS that created health states.

From NOTES I made (in the margins) when reading the leaflet and notes / observations since / after the Optium b-ketone leaflet was given to me by the medical team at North Middlesex Hospital:-
*1 Asked for it (oxygen)  on Airbus on 13.12.1993.
***3. IF Angiogram Proves Built Up then Combination of ALL 3 MAIN CAUSES : EMOTIONAL – EXCESS EXCERCISE – + BLOCKAGE(S)
****4. OK in 1991 – 1992. Panikos to (Dr. Panikos Kalli the cousin of the gestation vessel) said it is OK.
*****5. ECG NORMAL As Stated here But Stress Test Proved Positive November 1993, at Whipps Cross Hospital.
******6 Treadmil conducted at Whipps Cross Hospital and the medic conducting the test slowed / stopped the treadmil because the targeted was FORCING himself to catch up with teh speed of the treadmil when in fact the speed and tolerance of ‘the physical body under the exercise established enough leading to the need for an angiogram.
*******7. To be done at BARTS >on WAITING LIST<
********8. No blockages observed / detected ESTABLISHING the OBVIOUS : physical excercise / work beyond the body’s capabilities and above all the EMOTIONAL PAIN IMPOSED by the gestation vessel had been and when using the two children she secured though marriage to ‘the idiot’ (her favourite endearnent for the sperm provider) who fought to secure her stay in the United Kingdom as a refugee form the island of Cyprus after the orchestrated invasion by Turkey care of the use of encouraged / created scenarios founded and resting on the Old Testament ‘Tower of Babel’ script, as related by the creators of the rubbish (hints to mankind & WARNINGS FOR THINKERS, for ‘humans’ who can use grey matter and thus recognise most of the vile scenarios related in the Old Testament >for that which each script / scenario represents<).

*********9. Evangelos P Evangelou, the gestation vessel’s cousin was also subject to angina / heart probems. In the case of the targeted I added a note ‘We Will See in My Case : EMOTIONAL STRESS * ‘worse, I Am An Actor?!!! Especially so after I came back from Cyprus as an Oscar Winner, I suppose!!! (according to the vile Antoniades lot and the gestation vesell).
**********10. Spray was used only one time and the sensitive skin of the inner mouth, upper cavity (ουρανiσκος) peeled / painful experience with burning sensation.
***********11. Nov 93 50mg ATENOLOL, increased to 100mg in January 1994
************12. GTN + Atenolol.
*************13. Not applicable in the targeted person’s state of health and heart problems.
**************14. As above, NOT applicable in the targeted sperm provider’s state of heart problems.
***************15. How? When Others IMPOSE IT!
****************16. Tell this to MY WIFE. The Trouble Is, She Always Knows Best.
*****************17. NOT applicable, made redundant care of one of the Joannides fraudsters >the products of the evil Kyriacos Petrou Joannides, the irresponsible failure of a husband and father in the true sense of both states.
******************18. The extensive work on the matrimonial residence amounted to OVERWORK, too much and for long hours.

Friends, note please that the second recipient in the CC list, Mr Colin Peters was the person who mounted his high horse and hastened to assert to Tami when she introduced me and my work to a group of victims of the organised assault on families and the institution of marraige in India. Mr Peters’ opinion of my work and person evidently has been that I am a deluded so and so; such assertions from a peson who was seeling and benefiting from assistance most relevant to and in the tribulations he HAD BEEN victim of before he decided to join the club of promoters and users of the system as is; in other words as covered in the exclusive web-page / URL:-

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