New Attorney General SPEAKS of plans to deal with ONGOING FRAUD & POLICE FAILINGS

From ‘COUNSEL’, October issue 2010 (access to registered users only…… friends) I reproduce from copy made available / referred to me, please NOTE.
From an interview, ‘David Wurtzel meets Dominic Grieve QC MP’
With compliments to all abusers of Andrew Yiannides’ time, and in particular to all the individuals named, at the persons who targeted me and set about obstructing me in what I set out to EXPOSE & CHALLENGE…. without ANY REAL HELP and or assistance from ANY SINGLE ONE OF THEM…. one and all lousy actors and actresses.

“…. I asked about his immediate priorities. He has statutory role in superintending THE PROSECUTING DEPARTMENTS, the Crown Prosecution Service (“CPS”) and the SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICE (“SFO”), and a non-statutory role of oversight more generally of prosecution matters. This extends to a large number of government departments like DEFRA which prosecute. The SFO is among other agencies CURRENTLY UNDER CONSIDERATIION for the creation of a new ECONOMIC CRIME AGENCY, which is a commitment in the Coalition PROGRAMME. He sees his job as one of ensuring “general efficiency”. He is PARTICULARLY CONCERNED THAT THERE IS “quite a SERIOUS PROBLEM in THIS COUNTRY in the way in which FRAUD IS DEALT WITH”. Too often the police advise victims that they should pursue a civil remedy”. This effective WITHDRAWAL BY THE POLICE FROM ASPECTS OF THIS FIELD IS LONG STANDING…. ‘ (good morning LIPS, UKMM, etc., ‘false fronts fraudsters / dreamers / stooges / users of new victims FOR MORE of the same as covered in the exclusive page ) …continuing with the extract ‘… and “I think WE SHOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT” that LONG TERM DECLINE. There is quite a lot of evidence of “serious CRIMINALITY” taking a very keen interest in VOLUME FRAUD, ie instead of a “big scam” involving millions, very small amounts of money are defrauded from a very large NUMBER OF PEOPLE. It still adds up to millions. That needs to be looked at, to come up with something “which is much more responsive to the kind of ingenious economic frauds”.

Friends (!) there is no need to point out and emphasise that what I set out to research and investigate OVER 38 years ago, in no way amounts to OR can be referred to as some kind of ingenious economic fraud’, for it happened to have been and TO THIS DAY HAPPENS TO BE, blunt and arrogant abuse of the courts facilities for the type of DOUBLE fraud on the taxpayers and THE BLUNT CORRUPTION OF THE CONDITIONED MORONS (the victims of the legal circles) WHO AGREE TIO KEEP QUIET AFTER ACCEPTING STOLEN FUNDS from the taxpayers contributions, to the national budget, as REWARDS FOR THE CONFIDENTIAL FRAUD THEY AGREE TO PARTAKE IN & THEREAFTER SIMPLY ENGAGE IN SUCH CRIMINALITY WITH THEIR EYES OPEN.
Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS
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2 comments to New Attorney General SPEAKS of plans to deal with ONGOING FRAUD & POLICE FAILINGS

  • Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

  • Andrew Yiannides looks forward to anyone named as an abuser of trust and as a lover of the organised fraud on the taxpayers, to justify and or excuse their breaches of trust and SPECIFICALLY THEIR SILENCE FOR OVER 18 years.
    The aforesaid applies especially to members of the Litigants In Person Society and to THEIR AFFILIATES / ASSOCIATES who operate out of similar set-ups and FALSE FRONTS.
    The LIPS crowd mob recklessly and WILFULLY FAILED to co-operate as their managers / controllers (Peter Hayward & Philomena Cullen, with their guru in the background, at all material times) falsely qualified when they expressed such commitment.
    One and all WILFULLY IGNORED the invitation each received from The CAMILA Project, in 1997, as the named recipients in the PROOF OF POSTING CARDS EVINCE, released in the web-page / URL below.
    Images of the aforesaid cards were / have been published in the public domain, for anyone to access at will:-
    ALL REALLY CONCERNED victims of the abused courts services MUST ACCESS also and READ what the creators of the alleged creator of all and veryrthing >THEY< have him asserting in an extract (part of their vile creation, >the Old Testament< ) at: Friends, victim-suckers read and grasp the evil ways of the creators of the alleged creator of all and everything. Much more has been reporduced from the RUBBISH promoted for over 2300 years as alleged Holy Scriptures. The MATERIAL & EVIDENCE in the above web-page / URL should need no clarification or additional input from me > Andrew Yiannides <

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